The Countdown Continues: Tracking the Days Since Ohio State’s Last Victory Over Michigan

The Countdown Continues: Tracking the Days Since Ohio State’s Last Victory Over Michigan

Short answer days since ohio state beat michigan: As of December 2021, it has been 730 days (2 years) since Ohio State beat Michigan in football. Their last victory over the Wolverines was on November 30th, 2019 when they won by a score of 56-27.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Calculating Days since Ohio State’s Victory over Michigan

If you’re a true Buckeye fan, then the victory over Michigan is one of your most prized memories. And what better way to keep that memory alive than by calculating just how long it’s been since Ohio State came out on top?

Here’s our step-by-step guide to figuring out exactly how many days have passed since this glorious moment in history.

Step 1: Determine The Date Of Victory

The first thing we need to do is determine when Ohio State won their game against Michigan. In this case, we’re going back quite a bit; November 24th, 2018!

Step 2: Calculate Number of Days Since Victory

Next up – let us calculate the number of days between the date mentioned above (Ohio state v/s michigan) and today! One quick Google search later reveals that as I type these words – Feburary12th- has worked for me).

So.. Let’s go ahead and use an online calculator or ms excel functions such DATEDIF(start_date,end_date,”D”) which tells us there are x number of days during that period.vThis function also helps filter result based day/ week/months elapsed tellingly precisely after subtracting “d” from start end dates

To stay precise
November always comprises thirty-one previous year means January(31)+Febuary(top part only)=59
Did i mention February Count differently(popular meme)? Yes they Do indeed! As per common knowledge about Leap Years february possesses twenty-nine delightful but tricky little black sheeps.
Let’s add them together:
Days until December =+30(result=89)
Days Until Vowels month(Jan , March )=-60(result=29 )
Number Day Elapased So Far = Result *(-1 if negative)

For Example 
=end-date of Novemeber
01-Dec->day32(as it starts at zero)->add remainingdays(Datesincevictory-endofNov)

Step 3: Celebrate!

Believe it or not, but following the first two steps is all you need to do determine how many days have passed since Ohio State defeated Michigan. So now its time for us Buckeye fans to celebrate and relive that glorious moment again on twitter , social media channels ! And of course feel sorry (not only a bit!) About rivals.What? It’s every fan’s right.

So there you have it – an easy-to-use guide for calculating just how long ago one of OSU’s most memorable victories took place. As we await upcoming athletic seasons with anticipation let this exercise remind us about rich history and superstardom associated .Let me sign off by shouting out another O-H…I-O!!

Your FAQs Answered: Everything You Need to Know about ‘Days since Ohio State beat Michigan’

For college football fans, there’s no rivalry quite like the one between Ohio State and Michigan. Every year, these two powerhouses face off in an epic battle for bragging rights – but what happens when one team comes out on top time after time? That’s where “Days since Ohio State beat Michigan” enters the conversation.

So what exactly is Days since Ohio State beat Michigan (DSOSBM)? In simple terms, it measures how many days have elapsed since the Buckeyes last defeated their arch-rivals from Ann Arbor. If you’re a fan of OSU, your goal is to keep that number as low as possible; if you’re rooting for the Wolverines, your mission is to see that number soar into triple digits or beyond.

The tradition of DSOSBM goes back decades and has spawned countless memes and t-shirts over time. It represents both bragging rights and heartbreak depending on which side of this storied rivalry you find yourself standing – being reminded constantly either about winning or losing against each other every day until they play again next season

We all know how much pride rides on victory in sports especially during rival games – acts somewhat symbolic & historical! So naturally when a streak continues regardless whichever end its own some creative ways free up leading us ultimately arriving here with counting ‘DSOsBM’. A well kept count by diehard supporters alike!

There are obviously key moments throughout history where those numbers skyrocketed: be it coach Jim Tressel’s 2001 debut win against UM who awaited him at his first home-game-encounter; Urban Meyer earned himself numerous victories too such as bagging six straight against Uzysk’s lot followed through Ryan Day continuing similar wins alongwith cementing national championship seems almost now so routine! However despite all odds faithful hearts break everywhere yet longing theme never fades away adding more zeal than not!

As we head towards another exciting showdown between these Big Ten giants, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate this quirky tradition. Whether you’re cheering for Ohio State or Michigan the thrill in both’s camp is uncanny – knowing how much weightage counts on victories and as each day passes leading up-to the next match fun isn’t merely limited but instead heightens with DSOSBM tallying numbers! So keep an eye on that number – we certainly will be!

Are you a Buckeye or Wolverine fan? Have you been keeping track of how long it’s been since your favorite team won against its rival in college football? If so, then prepare to have your mind blown by these top 5 surprising facts about the lengthy time span of “Days Since” for Ohio State and Michigan fans.

1) It’s Been Over A Decade: Believe it or not but as of November 2021 – The Wolverines haven’t beaten their archrivals from Columbus since Nov. 26, 2011 (15 days shy of ten years). That’s after Saturday saw OSU notch yet another W versus U-M — Kirk Herbstreit called them “Big Brother” once more during ABC’s broadcast!

2)The Harlem Shake Was Still Popular When They Last Won: Clocking back over nine years ago when Brendon Gibbons shockingly split through two uprights late in regulation at the Big House allowing No.20-unranked Michigan beat Brady Hoke-led Buckeyes who were riding high off Urban Meyer debut season – It was truly shocking day full throws bad will blood between both teams & laughter across Maize and Blue faithful especially considering Obama had just gotten heated into his second term while internet sensation ‘Harlem shake’ ruled pop culture circles!

3)There Has Been Zero Overtime Games In This Span So Far : You heard that right- decades-long drought hasn’t produced ANY overtime games where either side could ‘win’ away with bragging rights… We all need someone we can talk trash too afterwards don’t we?

4 )Utah Had Just Joined Pac12 By Then :
To give some perspective Utah joined PAC-12 conference almost three months prior beating Pittsburgh Panthers twice en route whilst they retained NCAA basketball title Beating MIT Huskies. Since then the Pac12 has undergone expansion with Colorado making them a dozen schools strong.

5) Two Presidents In A Span: Finally, on November 26, eleven long years ago- as Michigan celebrated its victory over OSU Barack Obama was still in his first term as president while now Donald Trump fresh off finale “Celebrity Apprentice,” had not yet considered running for office himself!

There you have it – five surprising facts about the lengthy time span of Days since Winning or Losing battle between Wolverines and Buckeye Fans! While we may never know when one side will win again against their rival, at least these stats offer some intriguing perspectives to chew on until that day arrives…

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