Finding the Perfect Self Storage Solution on Michigan Avenue

Finding the Perfect Self Storage Solution on Michigan Avenue

Introduction to Michigan Avenue Self-Storage for Business

Michigan Avenue Self-Storage for Business provides secure, convenient and affordable storage solutions for businesses of all sizes. From small start-up companies to large corporations, our facility can accommodate any need or budget. Our expansive property features units ranging from 10’x10′ to 10’x15′, offering plenty of space for commercial items, supplies and equipment.

Some of the unique benefits Michigan Avenue Self-Storage offers businesses include 24/7 access with keycard entry and video surveillance, month-to-month leasing plans without long-term contracts, temperature-controlled units, online bill pay and more. Whether you need an extra room to store files and books or additional space to organize business stock, we have a storage solution that fits your needs.

Businesses take advantage of our climate control options in order to safely house sensitive electronics and stock while saving money on higher energy bills associated with air conditioning full office spaces. Our low cost monthly rentals also make it easy for entrepreneurs to start their own ventures without worrying about short term commitments or long contracts locking them in for years of payments.

Take your business to the next level with Michigan Avenue Self Storage – get started today!

Benefits of Using Michigan Avenue Self-Storage for Your Business

Using Michigan Avenue Self-Storage could be the perfect solution for your business if you need reliable, secure storage. This self-storage facility provides many great services and amenities that make it an ideal choice for businesses of any size. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with using this type of storage facility:

• Convenience-Michigan Avenue Self-Storage is conveniently located near downtown Chicago, making it easy to get to when you need something in a hurry. There is also an onsite manager available 24 hours a day to provide assistance should you ever run into any problems or have special requests.

• Security-Your items will be safe and secure at all times thanks to tight security the facility offers. They use advanced video surveillance, keypads to prevent unwanted entry, and individual locks for each unit so no one else can access your items other than yourself.

• Variety of Storage Options-There’s no reason to worry about not having enough space as Michigan Avenue Self Storage has plenty of options—from large 10×20 units right up to larger commercial spaces ranging from 140 sq ft onward. You won’t have any trouble finding a spot that fits your needs perfectly!

• Affordable Rates—No matter what kind of budget you’re working with, there’s sure to be an option that works within it since Michigan Avenue Self Storage has affordable rates and flexible payment plans available. Plus they offer discounts when signing up for multiple months at a time.

• Climate Control—One key benefit businesses specializing in fragile items or documents appreciate is the fact that Michigan Avenue offers climate controlled units so delicate belongings remain comfortable regardless what kind of weather Mother Nature brings!

Overall, renting storage space from Michigan Avenue Self Storage gives your business numerous advantages such as convenience, security, variety of options and affordability—all within a quick drive from local Chicago metro areas. Whether it’s for long term use or just short bursts throughout the year (such as seasonal inventory), their staff and quality service make them one stop shop worth considering whenever your business needs storage solutions!

How to Utilize Michigan Avenue Self-Storage Step By Step

1. Start by locating the Michigan Avenue self-storage facility that fits your needs. Consider factors such as size to ensure your desired belongings will fit, access time and security measures.

2. Once you have chosen an appropriate facility, reach out to them to begin the rental process. Let them know what type of items you are looking for storage for and how long you intend on keeping them in storage – this will help them select the best possible unit for you with the necessary security features that are specific for storage items.

3. After speaking with a representative at the facility, review their fee structure and payment methods so that make an informed decision before moving forward with rental agreement details.

4. Before placing items into your unit, it is important to prepare them properly to avoid future damages or complications when retrieving them later on. Make sure all boxes or containers received sealant wrapping prior to transport, sensitive equipment is securely wrapped, fragile items are packed accordingly with bubble wrap or protective blankets, any liquids are stored safely inside plastic containers in case of leakage during transit and furniture is covered or disassembled (if possible). Doing all these steps first will save you time later when retrieving your stored possessions.

5. Arrange a suitable transport method based on the weight of all items being placed in self-storage – this can either be rented trucks along with hired labor if needed or taking vehicles already available along with personal assistance from family members or friends if lifting heavy objects is essential for loading/unloading purposes . Make sure any required safety tools such as gloves & straps)are close by so during multiple trips away from the site should be obstruction free from obstacles like tree roots/other debris on paths leading up and back out of self-storage Bay area. In addition, have helpers remain close during transitions from vehicle into bay area just incase falling objects could happen due negligence during transfers which could cause damage beyond repair saving costly costs associated bringing replacements when some units may become damaged beyond useable condition before purchase date arrives..

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Frequently Asked Questions About Michigan Avenue Self-Storage

Michigan Avenue Self-Storage is a premier storage facility located in the heart of downtown Chicago. We offer a wide range of services including climate-controlled units, secure drive-up access, 24-hour video surveillance, and more. Our location allows for convenient access to everything the city has to offer. Whether you’re looking for short or long-term storage solutions, Michigan Avenue can provide the perfect solution.

To help answer many of your questions we put together this list of frequently asked questions:

Q: What size storage units do you have available?

A: Our facility features various sizes of self-storage units ranging from 5 X 5 up to 10 X 30 that are climate controlled and accessible via drive up with 24/7 security surveillance. So whatever type of items you need stored away – we have just the right space for it!

Q: What types of amenities do you offer?

A: At Michigan Avenue Self-Storage, we want our customers to enjoy all the luxury and convenience they deserve when storing their belongings with us! We provide our customers with a free move in truck, free moving carts and dollies, easy online bill pay options, and much more. Plus, our customer service staff is always here to assist with any inquiries you might have about our facilities or services!

Q: Is there a minimum rental period for storing my items on site?

A: We understand that everyone’s situation is different so we don’t require any kind of long term commitment when renting a unit at Michigan Avenue Self-Storage! You are welcome to rent for anywhere from one month up to an entire year; whichever works best for your needs. With no minimum rentals required – it means you can store what you need without worrying about lengthy commitments like other storage facilities might require!

Q: What security measures do you take at your facility?

A: We take the safety and security of your belongings seriously – that’s why your goods will be safe within our perimeter walled facility which features electronic gate access during normal office hours as well as around the clock video monitoring throughout all areas on site. As an added measure we also employ internal pest control technicians who make regular sweeps through each unit regularly. In addition, friendly staff are available 24/7 if ever needed as well as alarmed door alerts that activate on each unit entrance so helpful staff can respond fast should anything out of ordinary occur inside any given locker !

Top 5 Facts You Should Know When Using Michigan Avenue Self-Storage

1. Security: First and foremost, you should check if the Michigan Avenue Self-Storage facility is secure. Look for monitored alarm systems, video surveillance monitoring, and door locks/codes that are regularly changed to ensure your belongings stay safe. Be sure to ask if there’s any additional security measuresthe facility offers such as motion or contact sensors.

2. Insurance: Check for insurance coverage when you rent a unit from a self-storage facility. The storage should have liability coverage in place to cover customer property in case of theft or damage due to weather or negligence by staff members or other customers.

3. Size Guide: Make sure the size of your unit adequately fits all the items you’re storing – including boxes, totes and furniture pieces – while also leaving room to allow proper ventilation around stored items and enough space to easily access them when needed. To avoid complicated charges due to overestimating the required size of the unit, use a self-storage calculator to get an accurate estimate of the right size for your needs before renting a unit at Michigan Avenue Self-Storage.

4. Climate Control: If you plan on storing valuable items like antique furniture, electronics or documents that are sensitive to moisture and extreme temperatures, look for storage facilities with climate controlled units available for an added fee when possible at Michigan Avenue Self Storage Facility . You can also invest in wrapping these delicate items with plastic before placing them into storage to protect them from potential damage caused by humidity changes over time regardless of weather conditions outside of their storage unit doorsyear round .

5 . Payment Options: Your monthly budget will play a part in determining which payment options are best for you once deciding on a Michigan Avenue Self Storage Facility Unit that meets the requirements established above; however don’t forget about deposits being required depending upon specific terms & either cash discounts offered through credit card payments & even reimbursements applicable depending upon discounts applicable given under contractor programs locally accepted! In order decide how best utilize dollar amounts be put towards rental fees remember make sure always read agreement fully understand stipulations associated each intended form payment really make bottom line!

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