Finding Convenient Parking Near 720 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois

Finding Convenient Parking Near 720 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois

Introduction to Parking Near 720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois: Benefits and Challenges

When you want to visit downtown Chicago, IL, the most convenient way to get around is to find a parking spot near 720 South Michigan Avenue. This street is located less than a mile away from the city center and is home to many offices, restaurants, bars, and shops. Although there are not a lot of dedicated parking lots or garages in this area, there are several street-parking options available. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and challenges associated with finding parking in this area:


The benefit of looking for street parking near 720 South Michigan Avenue is that it can be very inexpensive compared to using commercial lots or garages. Additionally, since many stores within walking distance already offer special discounts for customers who use their services in the area (such as hotel stays or movie tickets), visitors may be able to receive additional savings when paying for their on-street spot. Moreover, compared to its surrounding streets – such as State Street and Wabash Street –720 South Michigan Ave offers a free two-hour valet zone on some days so visitors can leave their cars there at no cost while they visit nearby attractions.


Despite potential savings associated with street parking, finding an available spot near 720 South Michigan Ave can be quite challenging due to limited availability and high demand. Additionally, during certain times of day – such as during rush hour – local laws may impose restrictions that limit where people can park. Furthermore, due to its close proximity to tourist sites and shopping areas, meters in this particular vicinity tend refill up quickly throughout the day so staying apprised of local regulations is key if one wishes to avoid hefty fines!

Overall, although finding parking near 720 South Michigan Avenue may come with some difficulties due to legal regulations and availability issues – there are several benefits associated with using street spots via reduced fees when compared with dedicated lots/garages as well as free valet options available on select days throughout each week. Keeping these considerations in mind should help make visiting Chicago easier for those who prefer not relying solely upon public transportation!

Step by Step Guide to Finding the Best Parking Options at 720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Parking at South Michigan Avenue in Chicago can be a complicated scenario. With a plethora of parking garages, street parking, pay stations and private lots, finding the best option for your needs can seem daunting. Here is an easy to follow step-by-step guide to help you find the right spot:

Step 1: Research local ordinances and restrictions – Research what the local parking rules are and make sure you understand any applicable time limits or regulations that may apply to your search. This information is often clearly posted on nearby signs so be sure to review them before continuing with your search.

Step 2: Use online resources – Many websites list local parking options with detailed information about their daily rates and services offered. Most sites allow users to filter by proximity, price or type of spot (e.g., garage vs street parking). With this information in hand, you should have a good sense of where available spots are located.

Step 3: Look for deals and promotions – Some garages offer discounts for short-term customers so it pays to compare rates between one facility compared to another before heading out into the city streets for your next stop. Pouncing on potential discounts early can also help save on cash when downloading apps or signing up for loyalty programs too!

Step 4: Drive around – Once you’ve narrowed down potential areas where you want to park consider driving around the area of your choice in order to get the best sense of available spots that meet your needs at that given moment in time including those hard-to-find spots around busy establishments! Step 5: Check private lot availability – If all else fails then doing some research into private lot owners may just do the trick; these lots tend to offer flexible terms like hourly rentals, monthly passes or even car storage if needed as well as usually providing better security during hours when most public locations shut down operations via lock up/restricted entry processes after dark!

Finally, don’t forget that Chicago has excellent public transportation options including buses, trains and cabs should no suitable public spaces be available as a last resort making it much easier than ever before for getting around town safely & swiftly without having worry about long term commitments associated with owning/renting vehicles locally. Above all else–enjoy exploring downtown Chicago while keeping an eye out on everything South Michigan Avenue has to offer –it’s truly remarkable sights & sounds will never cease amazing each & every single day__!

Popular Parking Affordable Alternatives at or near 720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

When it comes to parking in downtown Chicago, you may be concerned about the amount of money you’ll pay and the limited availability near hot spots like 720 South Michigan Avenue. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable alternatives for parking at or near the area without breaking your budget.

One option is to park in a nearby local garage—many charges by the hour instead of by the day, allowing travelers to save significantly in comparison to traditional indoor garages. Additionally, due to the city’s recent “Park*Smart” initiative which encourages carpooling practices and online reservations, many garages offer discounted rates Monday through Thursday with extended daily-rates on weekends.

Drivers can also opt to use public transportation options including buses and trains throughout their stay at 720 South Michigan Avenue. The CTA Red Line around Roosevelt Road connects visitors from various parts of metropolitan Chicago directly to the area – an ideal alternative for drivers coming from neighboring cities who are looking for an inexpensive commute option. Rideshare applications like Uber and Lyft make accessing downtown destinations easy too —especially if arriving after midnight when most public transit systems slow down operations.

For those traveling alone, bike sharing services such as Divvy allow you to rent bikes from various downtown stations that are conveniently located closeby and provide a fast way of getting around town; just make sure you’re aware of all safety regulations concerning cycling in downtown Chicago.

Lastly, street parking is available at hourly rates often much cheaper than local garages but should be used with caution especially during rush hours – staying clear of any residents-only streets could mean avoiding hefty fines (or worse).

The list provided here offers several economical options available at or near 720 South Michigan Ave – choose wisely depending on your travel circumstances!

FAQs about Parking at 720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Q: How much does it cost to park in the 720 South Michigan Avenue garage?

A: Parking fees vary depending on the length of your stay. Hourly parking begins at $2 and can go up to a maximum daily rate of $25. Long-term parking is also available at a discounted rate.

Q: Are there any discounts available for monthly parking?

A: Yes! Monthly parking permits are available with special rates starting as low as $150 per month. Call us today to learn more about our monthly parking options.

Q: What payment methods are accepted in the garage?

A: We accept cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), and debit cards as payment for hourly and daily stays in the garage. Monthly permit holders may also be able to pay using their bank accounts for automatic payments each month. Please call our office if you would like more information about this option.

Q: Is there a height limit for vehicles entering the garage?

A: Yes, we have a 7-foot height restriction enforced at all times while entering or exiting the garage. Trucks and vans over 7 feet tall will not be allowed entry into the facility without prior approval from management.

Q: What time does the garage open/close each day?

A: The 720 South Michigan Avenue garage is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience!

Top 5 Facts about Parking Near 720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

1. Location and Accessibility: The most important thing to know about parking near 720 South Michigan Avenue is its proximity to popular downtown Chicago destinations. The block where the address is located is within easy walking distance of Millennium Park, Museum Campus, the Magnificent Mile and a plethora of Chicagoland theaters, restaurants and shopping areas. Public transportation access to this area is plentiful with bus lines running up both sides of State Street from 8th St. on the south side, all the way up to Van Buren St. on the north side.

2. Hours for Parking: Since many street parking spots are metered in Chicago there could be various limitations based on when and how long one can park in them as well as which type of vehiclesare allowed to use them. In addition, some locations may offer extended hours, usually by permit only either through secure parking lots or private garages throughout the Downtown area providing options if one needs a secure place to store vehicle past meter hours (typically 9 pm).

3. Best Deals for Parking Near 720 South Michigan Avenue: Looking for savings on parking? While often more expensive than street parking one can save changes by taking advantage of ‘early bird’ rates or promotions many garages offer and research off-site lots or even nearby residential zoned areas offering different arrangements for daily visitors – such as charging less between certain timeslots during daylight hours only – all offering potential cost saving options if needed beyond traditional lot fees that vary based on location and/or duration stayed in said row / space..

4. Recommended Payment Sources: Without a doubt cash is king when it comes to paying meter rates at streetside locations but don’t forget convenience methods like pay-by-app services allow customers reserve & pay any available meters spots around 720 South Michigan Avenue right from their phone or other comparative services provider’s accounts set up beforehand; thus eliminating any paper money hunt hassle when out seeing big city sights! Additionally cards will often be accepted too so come prepared whichever payment source you prefer best…just beware that cross-city charges might incur additional costs depending in which service you’re using (i.e., Visa vs Mastercard).

5. Other Parking Requirements/Restrictions Worth Mentioning: Again dependent upon location choose wisely by doing due diligence related questions before choosing a spot i.e., Where exactly am I putting my car — make sure signs don’t indicate reserved lot permissions or restrictions etc., Are there height issues that my large SUV might not fit under? Does street service provide seasonable limits such as snow removal dates during winter months? All valuable pieces worth contemplating ahead time while searching optimal choices necessary ensure smooth sailing visiting experience at these highly sought after places where Lincoln Parks Northside meets Loop’s west side freedom!

Conclusion: Making the Best Decision When Exploring the Best Parking Options Near 720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

When exploring the best parking options near 720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois there are a few important factors to consider. The first of these is convenience— does the option provide close proximity to your destination? Is it easy to access and convenient for returning after a night out? In addition to this, safety should be taken into consideration; are the areas well-lit and populated? Will it make you feel safe when arriving and leaving?

Another factor that can help in making an informed decision is cost. Most cities have plenty of privately owned lots or garages that offer portable parking. However, these might not always be the cheapest option and could also be more susceptible to theft or vandalism due to their location. Public parking lots or streets might offer cheaper rates but could risk longer walking distances or difficult vehicle retrieval due specific limitations. Shareable solutions such as Lyft Priority Parking may also offer a viable alternative when considering shorter distances car with affordable rates and helpful conveniences.

Parking near 720 South Michigan Avenue can be a challenging task depending on its accessibility at any given time; however, considering all angles before selecting an option can make sure that you’re choosing the right one for you. Researching public/private lot rules & prices, understanding street regulations and taking advantage of apps like Lyft’s will guarantee ease of mind whether stuck during rush hour traffic or waiting for Saturday night ride home from dinner.

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