Exploring the Lifestyle at 1464 S Michigan Avenue Apartments

Exploring the Lifestyle at 1464 S Michigan Avenue Apartments

Introduction to 1464 S Michigan Avenue Apartments

1464 S Michigan Avenue Apartments is a modern, chic, and highly sought-after luxury apartment complex located in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood. With stunning views of the city skyline and close proximity to popular local attractions, this complex offers residents a truly unique experience. This cutting edge community offers studio and one bedroom units that have been thoughtfully designed with modern luxurious amenities. Each unit boasts gourmet kitchens with stainless steel appliances, walk-in closets, granite countertops, high ceilings with fans in each room, private terraces and balconies along with full bathrooms that feature designer fixtures.

The building itself offers a wide range of amenities for residents including fitness center with yoga classes offered every morning, sparkling outdoor pool ideal for summer days spent by the water and two private club rooms perfect for entertaining friends or colleagues. Additionally there is 24-hour security surveillance throughout the building and onsite staff ensures the safety and well being of all tenants at 1464 S Michigan Avenue Apartments.

Location wise this building cannot be beaten; steps away from Columbia College which features an art gallery and museum as well as top rated theaters downtown. The Grant Park across has a plethora of beautiful green lawns to take leisurely strolls through after work or enjoy picnics with family or friends. Shopping wise State Street is just blocks away featuring outlet stores, upscale department stores as well as boutique shops while Museum Campus is walking distance allowing access to Museum Campus complete with its Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum amongst many other cultural attractions available to visit while living at 1464 S Michigan Avenue Apartments.

Location and Transport Options

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On-Site Amenities

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Floor Plans and Pricing Options

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Top 5 Facts about 1464 S Michigan Avenue Apartments

1. 1464 S Michigan Avenue Apartments are located directly on the Magnificent Mile, one of the most iconic stretches of real estate in Chicago. Residents of these apartments enjoy the benefits of living near upscale shopping and dining opportunities, museums, and other attractions that make this area so desirable. They also get to soak up some Midwestern charm from their perch on the historic boulevard.

2. A featured amenity at 1464 S Michigan Avenue Apartments is its private fitness complex outfitted with top-of-the-line fitness machines, an indoor lap pool, hot tubs and saunas for residents to use throughout the year. Whether you’re out for a morning jog or looking to take your workouts indoors during those colder winter months, this building offers everything you need in terms of health and wellness amenities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. The two main lobbies at 1464 S Michigan Avenue feature modern décor and inviting fireside lounges perfect for gathering with friends or enjoying some quiet time while admiring art work showcasing Chicago landmarks framed in high gloss lacquer frames. As part of being a resident here you also get access to luxurious lounges complete with flat screen televisions, game tables and even complimentary coffee services everyday!

4. One additional feature worth noting about living at these apartment buildings is that residents receive priority access to many exciting events near their homes from fashion trunk shows at nearby stores to cultural happenings like theater performances down the street at The Oriental Theater – plus several annual festivals held along nearby Lakefront Park each summer!

5. Last but by no means least is 24/7 concierge service that provides helpful assistance whenever needed day or night – truly “round-the clock service”! Residents get help finding transportation options around town (think car services or taxis) plus taking care of any special requests including securing restaurant reservations; booking last minute flights; or even just offering directions towards some fun hotspots around town when life gets busy—this team makes it all possible with a smile too!

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