Exploring the Iconic Water Tower Place on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL

Exploring the Iconic Water Tower Place on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL

Introduction to Water Tower Place on North Michigan Avenue

Water Tower Place is a large urban mall on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Located on the corner of North Michigan Ave and East Pearson, it attracts shoppers from around the world who come to experience its expansive selection of stores, restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment options.

The story behind Water Tower Place began in 1975, when developers John Buck and Robert Routen convinced owners of the site that their vision for a large shopping center in this high-traffic area was feasible. At the time there were few large malls in the city, so construction began with a goal to provide ample commercial space and amenities to those living in or visiting downtown Chicago.

When completed several years later, Water Tower Place boasted seven levels of shops featuring more than 100 unique stores, including major department retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. There are also higher-end designer boutiques such as Gucci and Coach, as well as budget options like H&M and Forever 21. In addition to spending money at retail outlets, shoppers can satisfy their cravings at one of many eateries located inside the mall including Thai Temple Café and Rainforest Café Chicago.

Other amenities include a two-level health club with an indoor pool; popular entertainment venues like AMC Theatres; an interactive Children’s Museum; an arcade with more than 200 video games; art galleries exhibiting local masterpieces; a 24 hour concierge service for online ticketing assistance; 14 designated parking spaces for seniors with disabilities; valet parking services; free stroller rentals for parents with young children traveling through the mall; regular special events ranging from mixology classes to fitness seminars held each weekend year round; special holiday inspired happenings like Family Fun Days during Thanksgiving break week each fall season complete with carousel rides, artisan crafts and musical performances – just about something for everyone!

Water Tower Place has become one of Chicago’s most iconic destinations where travelers come together to explore all that it has to offer: shopping galore all under one roof accompanied by lots of exciting attractions sure to make lasting memories!

Highlighting the History of Water Tower Place in Chicago

The city of Chicago is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the United States, with a rich history that extends far beyond its iconic architecture. One particularly noteworthy structure is the Water Tower Place, which has been a landmark landmark since its opening in 1976 near the Magnificent Mile.

Built on the site of the original Chicago water pumping station, erected by architect William Boyington in 1869, this twenty-eight story building was constructed to modernize and protect its predecessor from demolition for private development. Today it stands as one of the tallest buildings along Michigan Avenue and offers over 100 stores, restaurants and services covering multiple levels.

Water Tower Place was actually featured in several major films including The Blues Brothers (1980), The Untouchables (1987) and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). Aside from appearing on movie screens around American living rooms, it has also been housing cultural attractions such as a world class art gallery founded by local visual artists from Chicago’s own Old Town neighborhood.

Not simply an external attraction, Water Tower Place also houses residential units all featuring luxury amenities like enclosed parking, rooftop garden terraces, ice skating rink right on site of them all! It truly exemplifies how modern mixed-use developments can blend seamlessly together with historic landmarks to create a successful space where both locals and visitors enjoy spending quality time.

Since its opening more than four decades ago this incredible work of architecture has held up remarkably well due to proper maintenance which is why Water Tower Place remains one of Chicago’s premier destinations – not only providing exceptional shopping experiences but giving appreciative viewers a glimpse into history at the same time.

Exploring the Physical Features of Water Tower Place

Water Tower Place is a large shopping center located on the prestigious Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago. Located near iconic landmarks like Navy Pier and the John Hancock Building, Water Tower Place has become a recognizable symbol of the Windy City skyline thanks to its unique design. Here’s a look at some of the features that make this popular spot one of Chicago’s must-see destinations.

In terms of design, Water Tower Place stands out as an ode to late 19th Century architecture. It was constructed in 1976 on top of Wabash Avenue and connecting with Huron Street on either side; altogether, it covers approximately 8 acres with 7 stories above ground and 2 levels below it. The exterior is made up of multiple towers adorned with terra cotta cladding criss-crossing over glass surfaces – giving it a striking appearance that can be seen from miles away! The interior court is an impressive 10-story atrium containing restaurants, retail outlets and various amenities such as an artemis cinema for movie nights in between browsing for new clothes or accessories.

One of the building’s most iconic features is its namesake: “The Water Tower” situated atop the structure which was designed by Kevin Roche Architects among other notable firms hired for the project. This 44 ft tank is known for being made from cast iron and covered with faux limestone blocks surrounding its base – which gives off an old timey yet interesting vibe while also commemorating important elements in history like nearby pump houses installed circa 1867. It now serves as both historic marker and aesthetic highlight throughout any visit to this remarkable mall!

Apart from these impressive physical attributes, there are plenty more reasons why people flock to Water Tower Place -such as having access to over 100 stores including well-known names in fashion like Nordstrom & Anthropologie; luxury brands like Tory Burch & Louis Vuitton; fast food favorites (Rainforest Cafe), coffee shops (Starbucks) plus so much more! Not only does this tremendous mall have something for everyone no matter what their taste or budget – but its picturesque locale makes it even hardier enticing whenever looking for somewhere vibrant & lively during any season!

Unique Experiences to be Found at Water Tower Place

Water Tower Place is more than just a shopping mall. It’s a destination experience that offers plenty of unique opportunities for entertainment, exploration and relaxation. Located on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, Water Tower Place is one of the city’s most iconic destinations due to its distinctive architecture, lush landscaping and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re in town for a visit or call Chicago home, here are some of the unique experiences you can uncover during your next trip to Water Tower Place.

Explore Local Artwork

Take an even closer look at the beauty of Michigan Avenue’s skyline with local artwork courtesy of galleries within the mall. The Water Tower Place mural program showcases works from established and aspiring artists alike, providing shoppers with an inside view into Chicago’s creative culture every time they visit. Stroll through the second level near Barneys New York to find pieces as varied as abstract artwork infused with vivid color palettes and photography that captures dynamic city scenes in a single snapshot.

Experience Interactive Games

When it comes time to take a break from shopping, head over to Level 4 and challenge yourself or friends at one of Arcade de Paris’ interactive attractions. Feature three games: Skeeball Live!, Monster Drop Extreme! And Penny Daddy Bopper Soccer Machine — all designed with modern technology but played in traditional arcade form — you’ll have endless hours of leisurely fun while testing out your full array of gaming talents. Plus, each game awards tickets that players can redeem for real-world prizes from better candy bars to stylish windbreakers.

Feast on Diverse Cuisine

Be sure to leave plenty of room for lunch or dinner as Water Tower Place houses a wide selection of restaurants covering numerous cuisines imported from around the world. Selections range from Chinese fare like signature dumplings served steaming hot at Crazy Cuizine Bistro or classic Italian dishes handcrafted by La Piazza Fiori chefs who specialize in creating romantic dining experiences ideal for special occasions. Other delicious options include encased micelles smothered in gravy at Hot Doug’s and Indian delights like Chicken Tikka Masala found at Passage To India on Level 1 near Crate & Barrel/CB2

Shopping and Dining Options at Water Tower Place

Located in an iconic location right on the Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago, Water Tower Place offers its guests a variety of shopping and dining options. From the exclusive department stores to delightful local hotspots, Water Tower Place has something for everyone.

Shopping at Water Tower Place

As one of Chicago’s premier shopping destinations, Water Tower Place features upscale retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss alongside beloved mall staples like American Eagle Outfitters and Foot Locker. With almost 100 shops to choose from , shoppers won’t want for options as they explore this seven-story retail oasis.

Dining at Water Tower Place

Water Tower Place offers a variety of delicious dining options ranging from casual cafes to full-service restaurants with breathtaking views of downtown Chicago. Fast fashionistas can grab a bite to eat between fits at eateries such as Chipotle and Itta Bena. Those looking for upscale cuisine can enjoy dinner with a view on the seventh floor’s Rainbow Terrace restaurant or visit Gabriel’s located inside the AJ Hoge showcase building . In addition , there are several places that offer grab-and-go snacks perfect for grabbing after shopping up an appetite on the lower levels.

Whether you’re visiting for the day or just need some retail therapy after work, Water Tower place is sure to provide you with plenty of exceptional shopping and dining experiences to make your visit enjoyable!

Events and Activities held at Water Tower Place

Water Tower Place is chock full of events and activities, so there’s something for everyone! Choose from shopping, music, art, and more. Whether you’re looking for a unique experience or just some family fun, Water Tower Place has it all.

For shopaholics and fashionistas alike, the mall always hosts exciting sales and frequent designer pop-ups. Spend time strolling through designer stores or boutique shops in search of that perfect item—or take part in intimate workshops with experts in the field to really up your wardrobe game.

Whenever possible the mall sets aside plenty of space to get creative. Free arts & crafts classes are held regularly to give shoppers an outlet to express themselves. Kids can get their hands dirty as they dip into watercolors and make their very own projects before taking them home with pride!

Music lovers rejoice! Water Tower Place invites singers of all ages to perform monthly Music Workshops open to the public. Musicians will learn proper recording techniques and pick up tips from industry professionals in this intimate workshop setting. Get ready for some stunning acoustic music throughout the bustling halls of Water Tower Place!

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, there are classic movie nights throughout the year where shoppers can kick back on comfortable chairs and enjoy classic films playing on a 25 foot screen while munching on complimentary popcorn and snacks—the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work (or shopping!).

There really is something for everyone at Water Tower Place! Enjoy amazing discounts with our VIP membership program or bring out your inner artist with one of our interactive courses—there’s always something happening at this popular destination hotspot!

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