Exploring the History of 520 North Michigan Avenue

Exploring the History of 520 North Michigan Avenue

1.Introduction to 520 North Michigan Avenue: History, Location and Overview

520 North Michigan Avenue, formerly known as the Illinois Centre, is one of Chicago’s premier landmarks. Located along Michigan Avenue near the Magnificent Mile, 520 North Michigan stands out at 39 stories tall and features a distinctly Postmodern architectural style. The building was designed by Adrian Smith of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), and constructed in 1989. The distinctive curved windows make this building stand out among the traditional rectangular-shaped buildings on the avenue.

520 North Michigan Avenue has its own colorful history. Construction began in 1985 after developer Thomas Bergeron purchased swampland on the north bank of the river for USD $20 million to develop more commercial property for the growing city. In its original plan, 520 North Michigan would have stood much taller at 68 floors, but local aviation laws prohibited buildings that impeded air travel from nearby O’Hare International Airport and thus designers had to scale back plans. Despite these restrictions, SOM created an impressive building that spans nearly 860 feet from tip to toe and contains 1.2M square feet of office space across 32 stories above ground and seven below as well as many retail outlets at its base along the MagNIFLicent Mile area – an emerging shopping hub in Chicago centered around luxury boutiques and upscale retailers with a great view overlooking Lake Michigan materials were sourced locally including glazed terra cotta that is reminiscent of buildings like Tribune Tower – an homage to Chicago’s great architecture.

Entering into our modern era, occupants continue to be drawn to 520 North Michigan Avenue due its proximity to endless attractions such as Millennium Park, Navy Pier and several public transit options making it ideal for commuters or those looking for a central location in downtown Chicago while still having access to all major tourist locations within walking distance making it perfect both businesses seeking office space near top destinations or tourists who want easy access without staying too far from the main landmarks available across Chicago – Downtown Loop district skyline included!

In conclusion 520 North Michigan remains one of Chicago’s most iconic buildings due to its unique look created by Adrian Smith’s genius design projects behind SOM which continues be enjoyed as an attraction over 30 years later enhancing both skyline views alongside surrounding streets!

2.Exploring the Architecture of 520 North Michigan Avenue

520 North Michigan Avenue is one of the best examples of contemporary Chicago architecture. Located in the heart of downtown and standing at 417 ft tall, this impressive skyscraper houses a number of different commercial businesses and is an iconic feature of the city skyline.

Built in 1989 by architect Dirk Lohan (grandson of Mies van der Rohe) this steel-framed structure features distinctive architectural elements that combine to create something unique and modern. The building’s most prominent feature, its stepped bodies each with four upper ‘wings’, creates a dynamic, elegant appearance that resembles a seagull in flight. Additionally, slim metal window frames installed at horizontal intervals break up the verticality of the building to produce attractive light effects. These elements interact with each other to create a lively design that stands out from the classic Victorian architecture so common throughout Chicago.

Inside 520 North Michigan Avenue are two majestic two-story atriums lit by suspended lighting fixtures designed specifically for display purposes, while sculptures fill its lobbies. There is also an underground concourse which was connected through a direct link when neighboring buildings on either side later expanded adjacent properties; visitors may now access retail stores and food establishments seamlessly via this route. 520 North Michigan Avenue also houses several corporate tenants such as General Growth Properties among other high-profile businesses looking to benefit from its convenient location near some of Chicago’s world-class attractions like Magnificent Mile Shopping District and Navy Pier – making it perfect for corporate travelers wanting better access to amenities while doing business in downtown Chicago city center.

The sophistication of this urban gem has enticed over hundreds thousands tourists around the globe thus making it a premier destination for anyone seeking an exciting place to take in some beautiful architecture and cultural sites during their visit to Chicago!

3.What Activities Can you Do at 520 North Michigan Avenue?

520 North Michigan Avenue is a popular tourist destination in the heart of Chicago and offers many activities for visitors to enjoy. From outdoor activities such as kayaking, walking, and biking along the waterfront to indoor attractions like performance art centers and museums, there’s something here for everyone! For those looking for something more adrenaline-pumping, there’s an ice skating rink and roller coaster at Navy Pier and the iconic Ferris wheel. Other options include architectural tours of historical buildings such as the Wrigley Building, shopping excursions through upscale boutiques or thrift shops along “the Magnificent Mile”, and indulgent day-spa experiences with state of the art massage chairs. With so much to see and do at 520 North Michigan Avenue, visitors are sure to find something they will love.

4.The Shopping Experience at 520 North Michigan Avenue

Although luxury department stores have become a mainstay along the Magnificent Mile, 520 North Michigan Avenue rises to the challenge by providing an immersive shopping experience that leaves its customers feeling completely satisfied.

Stepping into the store immediately brings guests into a world of luxury, with dazzling displays and exquisite window treatments that attract shoppers from near and far. A personal shopper awaits at every turn, ready to answer any questions or suggest items based on individual needs and desires. The product selection is vast which makes each visit an entirely different experience – no two trips are ever alike! Even returning customers never find the same merchandise when they return.

The customer service team provides shoppers with an in depth knowledge of their products, helping them get a better understanding of what’s available for purchase. They can even provide added value through made-to-measure tailoring services if needed! For those that prefer to shop from home, 520 North Michigan Avenue offer a comprehensive online selection as well as delivery services for convenience sake.

On top of providing expert advice about fit and style, dedicated staff members are also happy to assist guests with additional purchases not related directly to their initial visit – all part of their signature commitment to hospitality excellence. The store also organizes special events throughout the year where they open the space to showcase some unique collections or upcoming promos, giving guests even more reason to come back again soon!

At 520 North Michigan Avenue, they understand that great shopping shouldn’t be just about making investments towards wardrobe updates – it should be an experience full of pleasant surprises and memorable exchanges between customer and staff. It is truly nothing short of unforgettable – one you won’t soon forget!

5.Dining Options at 520 North Michigan Avenue

520 North Michigan Avenue is home to some of the best dining options in the city. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or an upscale dinner, this street has something to satisfy all tastes. From gourmet burgers and fries joints to trendy sushi bars and cozy cafes, here’s a list of five great dining options at 520 North Michigan Avenue.

1. Beatrix: As one of the most acclaimed restaurants on North Michigan Avenue, Beatrix Restaurant offers contemporary American cuisine that is both fresh and vibrant. Boasting an innovative menu that features seasonal dishes with global influences, there are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options available as well as classic comfort food favorites like mac `n cheese and hamburgers. Make sure to check out their robust bar selection featuring craft beers and specialty cocktails too!

2. Eli’s Cheesecake: You can never go wrong with dessert! Founded in Eliot Cummings’ family oven almost four decades ago, Eli’s Cheesecake Factory is Chicago’s premier cheesecake maker. Stop by for whole cakes available in a variety sizes from a miniature 2-inch cake to full 10-inch cakes, or enjoy individually portioned treats all made from scratch with local ingredients including locally farmed eggs and farm fresh cream cheese!

3. Bin 36: For a more upscale experience then try out Bin 36 restaurant – one of the latest gastronomic sensations serving up seasonal menus boasting creative entrées like veal cheek rigatoni, lamb lollipops & steak hanger bourguignon along with an exceptional selection of world wines & spirits.. The perfect spot for any celebration with an iconic view overlooking Lake Michigan!

4. The Corned Beef Factory: If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned comfort food then The Corned Beef Factory should be your next stop on 520 N. Michigan Ave! Established in 1958 this place serves up delicious corned beef sandwiches alongside freshly perpared salads & homemade soups plus they offer daily lunch specials so make sure you book ahead if you want to avoid lines at this very popular eatery in town!.

5 .Rockit Bar & Grill: Last but not least Rockit Bar & Grill is definitely worth a visit when craving top-notch modern American cuisine – ask about their signature burgers topped off with crunchy onion straws & thick handmade milkshakes for truly mouthwatering culinary creations!. They also boast over 25 flat screen LCD TVs where diners can catch all the sports action which makes this place just perfect for game nights!

6.Closing Thoughts on Exploring 520 North Michigan Avenue

520 North Michigan Avenue is an iconic and celebrated piece of Chicago’s landscape. Its history is filled with tales of world-class entertainment, famous landmarks, unique architecture, high-end shopping and dining experiences. With so much to explore in this area, it’s no wonder why visitors flock to the street on a daily basis. Whether you take advantage of the numerous attractions or simply take time to savor the atmosphere, you are sure to enjoy your visit in this vibrant neighborhood.

As one strolls through the district there are plenty of memorable experiences to be had. From taking in views from the Hancock Tower’s observation deck and spending time perusing Magnificent Mile’s first-class boutiques, to dining at one of many exquisite restaurants that line the avenue; this area has something for everyone. Additionally, there are plentiful activities available such as visiting The Art Institute museum or taking a romantic boat ride on one of 610 North Michigan Avenue’s much beloved river cruises. Visitors may also prefer engaging in more hands-on activities by booking a city tour or renting bicycles for self-guided rides along Lake Michigan’s shores.

Altogether, exploring 520 North Michigan Avenue offers an exciting opportunity to immerse oneself into the fabric of a city alive with culture and energy; where possibilities and experiences await around every corner. This regional highlight is truly unlike any place else; an ideal destination for those seeking adventure and entertainment of the finest quality!

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