Exploring the Historic Macys Water Tower at 835 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL

Introduction to the iconic Macys Water Tower at 835 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL

The Macy’s Water Tower at 835 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago stands as a timeless and iconic symbol of the city. This landmark, built in the early twentieth century, stands tall among downtown Chicago skyscrapers and is a testament to the city’s spirit of progress and innovation.

The Macy’s Water Tower was originally designed by William LeBaron Jenney and completed in 1899. Its unique style blended classical Greek columns with traditional Chicago-style ornamentation and was constructed entirely out of limestone quarried from nearby Joliet, Illinois. The building was commissioned by then-owner Marshall Field & Co., who sought to make an impressive statement about their wealth, power, and influence in the growing Windy City. The tower’s grandeur made it stand out even further amid its neighbours along one of America’s most famous shopping strips.

At the time of its construction, the tower served as both a structural component of the building as well as an iconic visual icon for passersby. It not only provided gravity pressure on the structure within it but also helped draw attention to potential customers who would be shopping along Michigan Avenue. Today, it continues to serve this purpose while providing an inviting beacon along one of Chicago’s most bustling commercial corridors.

Though it survived a devastating fire that damaged much of Marshall Field & Co’s upper floors in 2005 (renamed Macy’s after its acquisition), today’s 270-foot high red stone water tower is virtually unchanged from its original design more than a century ago – making it one of few survivors from the destruction experienced during the Great Chicago Fire that raged through the city earlier in 1871 .

In recent times, The Mackys Water Tower has developed into a symbol for not just Great Lake State but entire Midwestern region; representing resilience and adaptability within an ever changing metropolitan landscape – reminding residents old and new alike – that despite changing fashions these timeless elements still remain standing throughout over hundred year history!

Step-by-Step Guide to Exploring the Macys Water Tower

The Macy’s Water Tower is one of Chicago’s most iconic landmarks. Built in 1868 as part of a massive expansion of the store, it has become a symbol of the city and a reflection of its culture. From its soaring facade to its intricate interiors, the tower is a popular attraction for visitors to explore – but navigating it can be confusing. To help you get started on your journey into this historic landmark, we’ve put together this helpful step-by-step guide to exploring the Macy’s Water Tower.

Step 1: Begin Your Tour Inside the Macy’s Building – Before you head up to explore the water tower, take some time to visit the lower floors of Macy’s in order to appreciate more fully how the building fits into its architectural history. You can learn about 19th century architecture and styles in addition to other interesting facts about Macy’s and its structure.

Step 2: Take an Elevator Up – Once you have finished enjoying all that is offered inside, it’s time for your tour to begin! Head over to the elevators located at designated points near each corner of Macy’s building; you’ll find placards with “Macy’s Water Tower” printed on them and pointing in the direction they should be taken when taking said elevator ride up to level 10 throughout all seven stories within it.


Step 3: Explore All Four Sides- Each side offers unique views and content—from art installations and interactive displays (which often feature audio recordings telling historical anecdotes) to doors that open onto balconies where one can view amazing cityscapes spanning Lake Michigan along with glimpses downtown Chicago architecture including The Bean! Plus you’ll get great picturesque shots outside if ever plan your own photoshoot – so don’t forget bring your camera/phone/point n’ shoot device!

Step 4: Take Some Time To Reflect- After making sure that every inch has been explored thoroughly inside Macys Water Tower rooftop section (including souvenir shopping from gift shop en route back down), take some quiet moment on top level terrace area just below café tables & chairs available there– here’s where nature breaks away from urban life as seagulls soar by …catch falling autumn leaves during autumn …or even catch snowflakes during winter– awesome picture moments courtesy certain times year round 😉

By following these steps, anyone can now confidently embark upon their own exploration at Macys Water Tower for one cultural day trailblazing session!

FAQs About the Macys Water Tower

Q: What is the Macy’s Water Tower?

A: The Macy’s Water Tower is a historic Chicago landmark. Located in the Near North Side of Chicago, it was constructed in 1857 and is the second-oldest standing water tower in the US. The collection tank was designed with a 60-foot circular brick shaft, holding more than 50,000 gallons of water to fight fires within a three-mile radius. It remains one of the city’s best known landmarks and serves as an iconic symbol for the brand itself.

Q: Does Macy’s still use the Water Tower for its original purpose?

A: No, unfortunately not. The water tower has been retired from its original purpose since 1919 and now serves primarily as an iconic symbol for Macy’s overall brand. It has undergone several renovations in order to withstand changing weather conditions over time and continues to evoke a sense of history and nostalgia when visitors look upon it today.

Q : Is there any way to get inside the structure?

A: Yes! While tours are only available by appointment made at least a month in advance, some special events open up new opportunities throughout the year such as Behind The Seams tours which offer visits up close. In addition to that, there are also occasional free public “pop up” events where viewers can look inside – check out their website or social media channels for more information!

Top Five Facts about the Macys Water Tower

The Macy’s Water Tower, located in Chicago, IL, is an iconic skyline feature and a beloved landmark amongst residents of the city! Here are our top five facts about this architectural marvel:

1. The Macy’s Water Tower was built in 1868 and stands 154 feet tall with a diameter of 25 feet—making it one of the most recognizable towers in downtown Chicago. In its early days, it served as an essential water storage facility for nearby businesses before being converted into an observation deck which offers sweeping views of nearby landmarks such as Lake Michigan and Millennium Park.

2. While not functioning as a traditional water tower anymore, the Macy’s Water Tower still contains over 155-year-old Lake Michigan water that can be seen through a glass wall inside the café at the base of the tower. This makes it one of the few remaining sources from when Chicago was just starting out!

3. It is believed to have been used as inspiration for famous landmark buildings around the world – from Tokyo Tower in Japan to Philadelphia City Hall in Pennsylvania. In addition to architecture inspiration, Disney’s 1957 animated classic “Sleeping Beauty” also pays homage to this incredible structure during its opening introduction scene featuring Princess Aurora standing atop it!

4. The tower has had quite an eventful past; back in 1929 when the Great Depression sunk its claws into the United States economy and impoverished many businesses across America, several hundred protesters stormed its gates demanding jobs or food handouts. It is said they were unable to get them yet despite it all still saw some form of relief by staging their peaceful demonstration there can leave us all with some truly amazing stories from then on out!

5. For those looking for some quiet respite among urban skyscrapers can look no further – in 2019 Mayor Rahm Emanuel opened up a nearly 5-acre park space surrounding it called Pickard Park that features aged trees and grass fields perfect for picnicking or even side projects like bird watching among other things too see what nature has hidden within!

Local Activities and Attractions Around the Macys Water Tower

The Macys Water Tower is one of the oldest and most iconic structures in Chicago, Illinois. It stands tall as a symbol of the city’s journey from its early beginnings to its current status as a bustling modern metropolis. There are countless activities and attractions that can be experienced when visiting or living around this national landmark.

For nature lovers, local parks provide much needed refuge from the hustle and bustle of downtown life. At the center of the nearby Grant Park lies Maggie Daley Park which offers outdoor recreation opportunities such as miniature golf, nature trails, climbing walls and zip lines. Another popular destination for locals is Shedd Aquarium where visitors can observe over 30,000 aquatic animals including dolphins, penguins, belugas and much more! For those seeking a less traditional form of entertainment The Lincoln Park Zoo provides fantastic wildlife exhibits featuring close to 1,500 different species.

Sports lovers will also find plenty to do in the vicinity with a number of professional sports teams representing MLB (Chicago Cubs), NFL (Chicago Bears), NBA (Chicago Bulls) and NHL (Chicago Blackhawks). Watching games at Wrigley Field or Soldier Field offer experiences unlike any other event in town while walking around the Loop provides great people watching opportunities throughout the year.

There is something for everyone near Macys Water Tower such catering to every interests from history buffs interested in learning about architecture on Michigan Avenue; music aficionados fascinated by jazz clubs around Rush Street; art enthusiasts captivated by wall murals found at little known alleyways; foodies in search for trendy restaurants & bars; shopaholics looking for grand flagship stores downtown or simply anyone seeking way to relax & unwind on Lake Michigan beaches! With all these options available, it’s easy to see why locals consider it their home away from home!

Conclusion on Exploring the Iconic Macys Water Tower at 835 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL

The iconic Macys Water Tower at 835 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL is an amazing sight to behold. It stands out among the other buildings on this famous street, providing a beautiful landmark that can be observed and appreciated from miles away. The tower was built in the late 1800s when water towers were a common way of delivering fundamental resources to growing cities like Chicago. Today it remains one of the most recognizable symbols of this particularly vibrant city.

The Macys Water Tower has evolved over time, becoming a symbol of progress and innovation as new generations take hold of this illustrious monument. It likely will remain a powerful symbol of resilience and vibrancy for many more years to come, reminding us all of what can be accomplished when hard work, dedication, and ambition come hand-in-hand. While it serves its original purpose as an important source for water delivery even today, it still stands testament to the beginning days when these rapid changes happened; giving recognition to both past and present times alike.

This magnificent structure also offers remarkable views across Chicago’s picturesque skyline; visitors are able to get up close and personal with its grandeur from every angle possible through tours held by Macys throughout summertime months (tours which have been recommend time again). There is no doubt that the awe-inspiring Macys Water Tower at 835 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago is truly worth exploring!

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