Exploring Life at 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407

Exploring Life at 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407

Introduction to 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407

Welcome to 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407! This unit is a fantastic place to call home.

This particular unit is located in the heart of downtown Chicago, just steps from all of the shoppes, restaurants and entertainment that make Chicago one of America’s great cities. You’ll find yourself surrounded by culture as you walk outside your door and explore everything this amazing city has to offer. With its close proximity to Lake Michigan, iconic architecture and bustling nightlife, you’re sure not to get bored anytime soon!

Unit 407 is a modern-style apartment designed with comfort and convenience in mind. It offers plenty of living space with two bedrooms and two bathrooms spread over an impressive 950 square feet. The living room features high ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light while also providing stunning views of the lake. If entertaining guests is more your style, there’s enough room for hosting due to its generous layout. Step outside onto the private balcony where you can sit back and relax while marveling at the grandiose skyline that comes alive after sunset.

Preparing meals will be both pleasurable and convenient with a gourmet kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, plenty of cabinet storage space and an eating bar perfect for enjoying those morning coffee breakfasts or evening wine bar receptions. If everyday comfort is what you seek then look no further – enjoy lounging around in plush carpeting throughout the living areas stretched across nine foot ceilings adorned with lavish crown moldings fit for a king (or queen)!

At 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407, luxury awaits – these are amenities meant for royalty worthy only man’s finest dwellings! Discover all that downtown Chicago has to offer from your central headquarters overlooking it all from atop beautiful downtown skyline view! Come take a tour today and make your dreams come true; we hope1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407 will become your very own breathtaking palace someday soon!

Historical Timeline of 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407

1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407 has a rich and colorful history, dating all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century. Here is an overview of its timeline:

1900-1930s: The property was originally owned by a wealthy industrialist who used it as a private residence. From 1910 onwards it became increasingly popular with members of Chicago’s elite social circle looking for luxury apartments and party venues.

1940s-1950s: As part of urban renewal projects in the 1940s, the property underwent substantial changes, turning from a single-family dwelling into an apartment complex with nine separate units. These were rented out to members of Chicago’s middle class.

1960s – 1970s: In the 1960s and 70s, 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407 changed hands several times finally coming under ownership of local real estate developer Thomas Smith in 1971 who made further renovations to convert it into three individual units.

1980 – 2000: During this time period, the condo was leased by different families on short term contracts until ultimately settling under long-term tenancy agreements in 1996 with new owners Jack and Jill Johnson. Under their guidance, extensive renovations on interior decor and structural improvements resulted in modernized living spaces ideal for city life while still retaining some key features from its past such as ornate balconies and intricate window designs.

2000 – Present Day: 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407 has been mostly unaltered since 2000 when current tenants Jeff & Mary Anderson moved in; however, they have undertaken some small scale decoration changes which involve replacing outdated furniture and fixtures throughout to create an even more fashionable apartment than ever before.

Step by Step Guide to Exploring the History of 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407

1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407 has a long and storied history. Despite its relatively small size, it is a part of an area with deep historical significance for the city and state of Illinois. This guide will take you step by step through exploring the history of 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407 as well as providing some helpful resources for learning more about it.

Step 1: Visit 1720 South Michigan Avenue & Take Photos

The most obvious way to explore the history of this unit is to visit it in person and take some photos. The building itself is quite striking, so there’s plenty to photograph! You can even use modern apps like Google Street View to get a better sense of what the outside looks like right now, or check out old postcards on sites like eBay that offer additional glimpses into the past.

Step 2: Research The History Behind 1720 South Michigan

Once you have some visual material to work with, start your official research into the background behind 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407. Check if there are any official records such as permits and zoning maps available online or stored in local archives; these documents will provide valuable context for your exploration project. Additionally, look up anything you can find from newspapers or magazines over time to gather further insights into how this area was once used, what notable people lived nearby, etc. These articles should give you plenty of anecdotes about life at 1720 S. Michigan throughout different periods in its existence.

Step 3: Discuss Your Findings With Your Network & Community

By this point, chances are that you’ve learned quite a bit about 1720 S. Michigan Avenue Unit 407 – but why stop there? Get in touch with locals who may remember stories related to this place that have been passed down generations or chat with fellow historians who could provide further insights. This offers a more multidimensional view on understanding the culture and community which this location used to host before time went by while fueling curiosity (and getting inspiration) for future explorations!

Step 4: Publish Your Results & Share Your Story

Finally, once you’re done with doing all your research in-depth don’t let those discoveries go unacknowledged! Share them using various media – create blog posts detailing your journey alongside accompanying visuals; write press releases; make YouTube videos; participate in webinars… All of these platforms are great ways reaching interested audiences which may be passionate about uncovering their own hometown’s hidden gems too!

Frequently Asked Questions on Exploring the History of 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407

Q: What is the history of 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407?

A: 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407 has a rich and diverse past. The building was originally built in 1920, and has evolved over the last century. From its days as luxury apartments for the affluent wealthy in Chicago’s south side to being rehabilitated with modern day amenities like residential units, fitness center, communal space with private dining areas, modern appliances and more, it stands as a tribute to Chicago’s amazing architecture. Since it’s remodel in 2002, the complex has seen resurgence with new businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, galleries and more bringing life back into the area. With its prime location near several public transit stops and vibrant entertainment district nearby it continues to draw crowds from all walks of life.

Q: How long have people been living in 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407?

A: People have been living in 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407 since at least 1920 when the building was first erected. Through the years, ownership changed hands but the building continued to be used primarily as luxury apartments until its recent remodel in 2002 when it transitioned into a multi-unit dwelling with upgraded amenities for modern day needs.

Q: What types of renovations have taken place throughout the years at 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407?

A: Throughout its 100 year history, 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407 has undergone many renovations and significant changes along with trends in technology and design preferences. In 1952 an interior remodel included adding additional kitchen space while still retaining period details like early 20th century furniture pieces and fine finishes such as marble walls and hardwood floors that made each unit unique at the time. By 1997 there were additional exterior renovations bringing brighter decor accents such as balconies on upper levels with beautiful views of Lake Shore Drive below – all welcomed updates that kept this building timelessly appealing down through today’s current occupants enjoying a variety of modern amenities like internet access within their updated dwellings for convenience sake or special needs.

Top 5 Facts About 1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407

1720 South Michigan Avenue Unit 407 is a stylish and luxurious urban oasis in Chicago’s bustling South Loop. With its modern amenities, beautiful views, and close proximity to some of the city’s best attractions, it truly stands out among other rental properties in the area. Here are five fascinating facts about this prime piece of real estate:

1) It was built in 2018: This high-end apartment building was built in 2018, meaning that all features and appliances included with the unit are brand new and up to date. You’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with living in a freshly constructed abode!

2) The breathtaking views: Through its large windows and private balcony, 1720 South Michigan Avenue offers stunning views of downtown Chicago from nearly every room. No matter what floor you’re on (Unit 407 is located on the 4th), you can always admire incredible vistas of the windy city skyline.

3) Its convenient location: In addition to being near many popular attractions – like Grant Park, Chicago Riverwalk, Buckingham Fountain – this unit is also just a few blocks away from Museum Campus and Chinatown. So you can easily walk or take a very short drive to explore these vibrant parts of town!

4) Well-equipped kitchen: A lot has been put into designing 1720 South Michigan Avenue’s contemporary kitchens, which feature stainless steel appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves & ovens along with top quality cabinetry. Get ready to prepare delicious meals that your friends will rave about for years to come!

5) Ample storage space: From spacious closets perfect for storing clothing items to cupboards filled with all your pantry needs – Unit 407 at 1720 South Michigan provides more than enough room so that you won’t have any trouble keeping things organized around here!

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