Exploring Chicago from the Comfort of the Hilton: 5 Hotels Near 720 South Michigan Avenue

Exploring Chicago from the Comfort of the Hilton: 5 Hotels Near 720 South Michigan Avenue

What is the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue?

The Hilton Chicago, located on 720 South Michigan Avenue, is a 4-star hotel conveniently located in the heart of downtown Chicago’s cultural and entertainment district. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, the Hilton Chicago provides all guests with modern amenities and services, helping to make their stay enjoyable.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into a spacious lobby area that has been designed with an eye for contemporary elegance. Offering easy access to nearby restaurants, shopping outlets and attractions like Millennium Park; Navy Pier; Shedd Aquarium; Art Institute of Chicago; and Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower), this premier hotel offers comfort and convenience for any traveler.

The hotel features 590 tastefully decorated guest rooms and suites equipped with premium furnishings including plush beds topped with deluxe linens that ensure a comfortable night’s sleep like no other. Top notch facilities such as complimentary wireless internet access and LCD flat screen televisions with cable programming will keep guests entertained during their stay while a 24-hour fitness center provides an invigorating way to refuel during long trips away from home. For those nights when you would rather relax than hit the town, The Hilton offers two unique culinary experiences – PJ Clarke’s bar & Restaurant – or Traders Grill & Lounge – giving guests plenty of options to choose from when looking for something tasty to eat or a potent potation.

Whether it’s an extended vacation getaway or just a quick stopover on the way through town, there is nowhere better than the Hilton Chicago on 720 South Michigan Avenue for luxurious accommodations at great prices!

Steps for Discovering the Best Hotels Near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue

When planning a trip or an overnight stay near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue, there are many things to consider. From amenities to nearby attractions, it is important to do your research and find the perfect fit for your needs. The following provides steps for discovering the best hotels near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue:

Step 1: Determine Your Specific Needs. Before leaping into researching different hotel options, sit down and think about what specifically you need from a hotel near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue. Ask yourself questions like what type of room are you looking for? How much money can I comfortably spend on accommodations? Is there a certain amenity I must have? Once you have identified what would be required of any potential hotels, begin searching specific to these requirements.

Step 2: Begin Your Research Using Reviews and Ratings. Now that you know what type of hotel room you need it’s time to start researching different hotels in the area based on reviews and ratings given by past customers. Websites like Trip Advisor offer hundreds of positive and negative reviews from travelers who have visited establishments around the world. Utilize their feedback to see if the content matches up with products available at specific locations before starting a reservation process.

Step 3: Maximize Deals With Comparison Shopping Sites. After identifying potential hotels close to Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue begin comparing each one against another via comparison shopping sites such as Hotels Combined or Trivago! Services like these allow users to look across many sites simultaneously and seek opportunities that may not be offered in more traditional travel websites where additional discounts may not appear due to contractual restrictions they must adhere by with vendors they work with directly.

Step 4: Reach Out To Relevant Properties Directly To Find Additional Offers & Discounts . Don’t always rely on promotion codes from large online travel services as sometimes you can get even better deals when dealing directly with a property representative who can offer specific information regarding discounts exclusive relative only limited duration offers available through their website or ‘Loyalty Program’ app platforms affiliated with partnering companies near the local location itself – so don’t be afraid too ask about specifics available throughout multiple channels prior attempting reservations elsewhere alltogether..

Finally, if getting results satisfactory – then go ahead book accurate reservations , but make sure fees charged upfront are understandable from no hidden costs perspectives prior proceeding further with payments so at end nothing ‘unpleasant’ surprises once establishment/room actually booked..

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels Near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue

1. What are the benefits of staying in a hotel near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue?

Staying in a hotel near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue comes with many advantages. One of the main advantages is that you’ll be close to popular local attractions like Millenium Park, The Art Institute, Shedd Aquarium and Soldier Field, to name a few. Additionally, you will also have easy access to amazing sight-seeing opportunities on Lake Michigan. Furthermore, being within walking distance or a short drive away from world-class eateries like Avec, Terry’s Toffee Shop or Buddy Guy’s Legends will make your stay even better! Shopping is also abundant in this area; famous high end stores such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus are also located nearby. This makes it easy for you find whatever it is that catches your eye!

2. Does the hotel offer any special amenities?

Hotels near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue often boast an array of amenities including fully equipped fitness centers, 24/7 room service, indoor heated pools and spa services. Many hotels provide complimentary newspapers and daily breakfast buffets with their website deals and promotions which can help keep costs down while still offering guests fantastic experiences! Free Wi-Fi access can also be found throughout many properties so visitors can connect easily with family back home or stay up to date with business acquaintances without having to worry about additional fees.

3. Are there pet friendly options available?

Yes! There are many pet friendly options available at hotels near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue. Whether you’re traveling with your canine companion or planning on leaving your pooch at home for your time away from home – there’s something for everyone! Some locations allow visitors to bring their own pets along for the journey which saves time looking for boarding kennels or pet sitters if needed – just make sure to check ahead before booking just in case because every property has different policies about animal companions that must be adhered too when visiting them.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hotel Near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue

1. Location: When selecting a hotel near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue, it is important to consider its location relative to other popular attractions. Make sure that your accommodations are within walking distance of attractions and landmarks such as the Magnificent Mile, Millennium Park and the Shedd Aquarium. Also consider how close the hotel is to transportation lines, making it simple for visitors to explore the area without worrying about parking or having to take a cab. Staying in an accessible location also makes it easier for friends and family who may be flying in from out of town.

2. Amenities: Before booking a room, research what amenities are offered at the hotels near 720 South Michigan Avenue and make sure they fit your needs. Does the hotel feature a pool? Is there on-site dining options or restaurants nearby? Are there available meeting rooms or events spaces? Is WiFi available throughout the property? Ensuring your accommodation offers adequate amenities will ensure an enjoyable stay for all visitors.

3. Price range & discounts: When considering which Chicago hotels near 720 South Michigan Ave are best suited for you, comparing what each one offers within your desired price range is essential. Don’t forget to check for applicable discounts such as AAA, military or corporate rates before booking a reservation—these can save travelers significant amounts! Most hotels offer additional discounts on daily rates when staying longer than just one night—just another way to keep your overall trip costs down and have great deal!

4. Reviews & ratings: To determine which hotel close to Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue best meets your requirements, reading reviews and ratings left by prior guests provides an unbiased assessment of individual properties and their services—helping make decisions easier while providing deeper insight into specific locations.. Some sites even provide interactive maps with plotted points indicating nearby restaurants, shopping boutiques and more along with customer ratings so customers can get an up-close preview before even arriving!

5. Pet policies & travel restrictions: For those who love exploring cities with Fido or Pootie in tow, visiting a pet-friendly establishment can be essential when deciding where to book their reservations be that overnight stays or extended vacations In addition examine any hotel policies regarding travel restrictions like minimum check-in ages, security deposits upon arrival (sometimes refundable) etc., So you can guarantee not only pleasant stay but peace of mind too!

Benefits of Selecting a Hotel Near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue

Selecting a hotel near the Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue has numerous benefits related to convenience, comfort, and cost. Convenience wise, many travelers book hotels in close proximity to their intended destination as this undoubtedly reduces their time on the road or via transportation. By staying close to where you plan on spending much of your time enjoying the city, you save both time and money that would have gone towards traveling between points in the area.

Comfort wise, these nearby lodging options provide guests with the versatility that a bland chain hotel does not; giving off more of a warm, home-like atmosphere than could be found 30 minutes away at a franchised entity. Additionally, being situated near important destinations also ensures that there is no shortage of activities or entertainment opportunities for guests looking for something extra from their stay in Chicago.

From a cost perspective, staying near top destinations such as The Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue often results in better deals due to competition among nearby hotels striving for business from visitors to the attractions. Furthermore, saving money on transportation further adds up when trip length extends beyond just a few days – allowing those savings to be diverted towards dining and leisure activities while abroad – maximizing one’s experience while escaping reality!

Reviews & Ratings For Hotels in the Area of The Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue

The Hilton Chicago is a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown life, located in the heart of the South Michigan Avenue district. With an expansive lobby area and its many renowned restaurants, bars and lounges, this luxurious hotel offers travelers an unforgettable experience. But reviews & ratings say even more about The Hilton Chicago’s impressive amenities, superlative customer service, convenient location and luxurious accommodations.

One recurring theme throughout the reviews & ratings for The Hilton Chicago is that guests are consistently satisfied with their stay. Many praise the friendly hospitality they encounter upon arrival, as well as throughout their stay. They also point out that all staff members go above and beyond to ensure complete comfort during each visit. Guests also comment on the large variety of dining options available at The Hilton Chicago as well as its chic lounges and bars – peppered with live music nights that add a unique charm to this otherwise sophisticated atmosphere.

The quality of guest rooms – which range from comfortable standard ones to spectacular Emerald Executive suites – frequently draws keen appreciation too! From contemporary decorations that exude a welcoming aura to spacious balconies overlooking Michigan Avenue or Lake Michigan, these rooms have something to offer every traveler’s taste. And although on-site parking may be limited at times, many reports indicate underground valet services help reduce the burden significantly – though may cost extra when not included in your package deal.

But don’t take our word for it – read through reviews & ratings yourself before visiting The Hilton Chicago and having your own excellent experience!

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