Discovering the Best of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile: Exploring 700 N Michigan Ave

Discovering the Best of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile: Exploring 700 N Michigan Ave

Short answer 700 n michigan ave:

700 N Michigan Ave is a commercial building located in the Magnificent Mile neighborhood of Chicago. It was completed in 1983 and stands at 645 feet tall with 47 floors, housing offices for various companies including marketing firm Leo Burnett Worldwide. The building also has several retail spaces on its first floor level.

How to Navigate Through the Landmark Building of 700 N Michigan Ave?

Navigating through the iconic Landmark Building of 700 N Michigan Ave can be quite an experience. With 17 floors and over 300,000 square feet of office space, it’s easy to become lost in this architectural masterpiece.

But fear not! Our guide will help you navigate through the building with ease – whether you’re exploring its endless corridors or finding your way to a particular destination on one of Chicago’s busiest avenues.

Firstly, let’s break down each floor and what they have to offer:

– The first two floors are home to some high-end retail stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Intermix.

– Floors three-to-six house various offices that range from consulting firms such as Accenture Consulting all the way up big dogs CBRE Group Inc., who handle real estate needs for businesses across industries throughout North America.

Floor seven is known being rich with sales-focused companies while enjoying impressive views due Eastward toward Lake Shore Drive which runs parallel just outside amidst further booming traffic

-The eighth-floor serves additional law firm HQs plus several curious offerings including Art Space Gallery within their subterranean take-that-Museum-Campus-at-Hyde-Park idea–they formally serve Bridgeport: both communities linked by sharing history-conscious concepts plastered upon walls.

-Fuel yourself during breaks at Cafecito Y Espresso Bar located right Off coffee company-loving Michigander clients poppin’ mid-day instant joe jolts.

Floors nine-through-fourteen act together largely providing housing for executive skills ranging between investment finance counseling leadership seekers whose successful transactions keep corps running so smoothly

The fifteenth-story shows off brilliantly colorful sculptures made outta variety glass forms showcasing talents + inclusion present Midwest area has cultivated via colleges

If still feeling understandably overwhelmed –take solace navigating elevators headed towards intended destinations every available Escalator leads upward ⁠illuminated flooring helps fuel confidence starting journey along any course possible whilst electric glass lighting guides footsteps forward—plus nothing’s far from the ever-helpful concierge desks located in lobbies every few floors

No matter what floor or destination you seek, 700 N Michigan Ave has something to offer everyone. And navigating through its towering halls can be both an exhilarating and rewarding experience.

So go ahead – put your best foot forward and start exploring this iconic Chicago landmark!

A Step-by-Step Tour of the Iconic Establishment at 700 N Michigan Avenue

Standing tall at the heart of downtown Chicago, 700 N Michigan Avenue is an iconic establishment that exudes elegance and sophistication like no other. Home to some of the most luxurious retail brands in the world, this remarkable building – also known as The Shops at North Bridge – has become a much-loved destination for both locals and visitors alike.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience or simply want to soak up all things chic in Chicago, make sure not to skip out on visiting this awe-inspiring location. In fact, we’ve put together a step-by-step tour so you can fully appreciate everything it has to offer!

Step One: Arriving

Nothing beats arriving amidst towering skyscrapers with gleaming glass facades; except perhaps discovering free parking upon your arrival! Yes folks – there’s plenty of complimentary spaces waiting around every corner here (unless opting for valet which always have enough spots available). So just drive yourself over without worrying about finding or paying any additional fees.

Once inside head straight ahead down Level Two where Elizabeth Arden Red Door® Spa welcomes guests into its warm embrace offering salon services while soothing body treatments designed by skilled professionals who take care from head-to-toe needs when weary shoppers need rejuvenation during their trip through town before continuing upwards browsing goods throughout levels three-six within shop heaven landings various unique storefronts showcasing top-notch luxury designer apparel & accessories favored among lovers fashion worldwide glamourous elite society members frequenting areas nearby exclusive residences prestigious buildings they reside Chitown city center command pinnacle status demands highest-quality offerings amongst conspicuous surroundings privileged environments They help keep our merchants successful creating opportunities supporting innovative ventures further elevating local businesses remaining paramount position marketplace now future prosperity growth region business landscape turning heads discernable intelligence entrepreneurs emerging midwest scene seismic scale worth watching closely hoping replicate elsewhere across country globe once proven effective way exceeding standards expected high-end shopper demographic clientele frequents these upper echelon commercial districts US Europe Middle East Southeast Asia Australia South America

Step Two: Exploring The Shops at North Bridge’s Retailers

Level Three
– Gucci, LV – irresistible offerings. If you’re in the mood for some haute couture shopping that will make a statement wherever you go; these brands should be your first stops.

Level Four
The famous mall has plenty of other upscale retailers from around the world including Aritzia featuring everything trend-setting fashionistas worldwide are buzzing about instore *all time favourite place and forever loyal fan right here*. You may also want to head into Jo Malone London or Sephora to discover high-end skincare products sure delight every beauty lover with bath scents shower gel fragrances daily routine regimen specialized gift boxes on offer more ideal choices guaranteed receive oohs ahhs guests attending gatherings Once grab luxury perfume spritzing choose carefully which scent suits personality – always draws compliments already main celebrities Hollywood festive occasions Galas movie premieres everywhere else red carpet events occur frequently alongside sleek black Limousines Tesla vehicles (if travelling inner-city) outer-town Teslas pick up area tucked halfway down Michigan Ave without knowing code 649449 entering gate cut much waiting queue feels pretty good private car appearing seamlessly whisked away comforts concerns left behind momentarily while luxuriating pampering yourselves within interiors such immaculately maintained showpieces it hard resist taking selfies capturing memorable moments worth cherishing exceptionality ownership vehicle envy peers close family members adding allure prestige personal charm portraying social status likes Instagram messages WhatsApp chats keeps flooding inbox nonstop Do not miss opportunity snap couple shots both inside outside trendy European-styled quadruple-decker department store having been so many times indeed ever seen behaving as happy manic kids Christmas morning most excited looking beautiful attire wearing latest colours recently released seasonal lines delighted awe-inspiring displays merchandise lining generous long corridors spread level after eye-catching shop fronts usher next mouth-watering possibilities leaving no stone unturned culminating special purchases recent ,000 suit spoiling myself following bonus switching entirely Ellevest boutique near Neiman Marcus – women-owned manage portfolios sustainable investments aligned values together equal collectively powerful Unlike most big banks tech firms bridging gender investing gap direct communication support specifically designed benefit female entrepreneurs financial empowerment *cue happy emojis*

Level Five
Refreshed and with a new sense of excitement from your pampering session at Elizabeth Arden Red Door® Spa dive right into discovering Nike’s latest trainers or ATHLETA deals on activewear or perhaps Microsoft Store if in need any work-related options to update software replace laptop.

Nearing the end of our tour yet still feeling as though there’s more see? Good news because The Shops at North Bridge are always offering tastefully stocked merchandise offerings services that cater to one’s senses beyond typical shopping experience. From impeccable customer service provided by knowledgeable staff every store entrance creating unforgettable memories throughout various “Wow” moments prompted spending time hanging out relaxing marveling breathtaking installations adding spark life within town remarkable destination represents Chicagoans brimming pride championing nation status accomplishing year after dazzling during holiday season must-see staple event Winter Wonderfest families tourists experiencing entire array carnival

Top Five Facts About One Of The Most Renowned Condos – A Deep Dive Into 700 North Michigian

When it comes to luxurious living in the heart of Chicago, nothing quite compares to 700 North Michigan. This iconic building has been a hub for high-end condominiums since its construction in the early 1960s and is considered one of the most prestigious addresses on The Magnificent Mile. Here are five facts that make this property so exceptional:

1. History

Considered an architectural masterpiece designed by Mies van der Rohe – A German-American architect- , One can only be amazed at how well preserved despite being built over Sixty years ago . It’s pristine form still impeccably preserved; boasting sleek lines, floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning view other buildings could envy


The location couldn’t get better than right between Lake Shore Drive culminating directly opposite Oak Street Beach while maintaining easy access downtown giving residents multiple options on where they live.

3.Luxury Amenities

Residents will have every luxury amenity possible! They enjoy features like rooftop fitness center along-side panoramic views alongside two swimming pools situated beside green space overlooking historical sites atop surrounding towers AND service innovations include world-class housekeeping services providing round-the-clock assurance knowing full-well workspaces remain spotless throughout their stay free from tampering .

4.Exclusive dining experience!

Residing here means stepping into Elegant Michael Jordan’s Steak House –One benefit no resident would ever pass up frequenting whenever desired regardless time given premium benefits provided through different platforms facilitating absolutely comfortable fine-dining experiences never found elsewhere ! With masterfully crafted American classic cuisines interwoven perfect wine-pairings served within cozy laid-back ambiance defined as not just merely restaurant modern-day cuisine fusion making you feel pampered beyond measure tops everything else ;therefore must try regarded impeccable customer satisfaction ratings previously witnessed compared otherwise establishments diminishing varying reasons relating convenience among others !

5.Outstanding Customer Support Services & exclusive upscale style choices available showcasing diverse cultural backgrounds embody ethos practiced both within staff ensuring every individual need met regardless background ;therefore adapting depending requests made according specifications signifying everyone mattering. The deep well of exclusivity involved in 700 North Michigan means one will have uncompromising personal privacy achieved by high-end security exclusive facilities available no less providing peace-of-mind afforded leaving occupants secure And undisturbed while enjoying city living to its fullest!

To conclude, calling it a home epitomizes unmatched status conjoining sophistication inter-tangled with luxury about the most unique and desired structures ever built aimed comprehensively at superior quality as seen through standards employed making this one iconic place worth having! Where else may could you not imagine that coveted lifestyle!

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