Discover the Best of Chicago at the Hampton Inn Downtown Michigan Avenue

Introduction to Exploring Chicagos Historic Sites with a Stay at Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue

Chicago is a city with a very rich and storied history. From its early beginnings as the home of the Native Americans to its role in the birth of some of America’s greatest revolutionary movements, Chicago is filled with iconic landmarks and monuments that tell the story of our nation’s past. For many travelers, exploring these historic sites can be an exciting adventure and one made all the more enjoyable when you stay at Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue.

This mid-priced hotel, part of the popular Hilton family of hotels and resorts, offers guests comfortable accommodations close to some of Chicago’s most famous attractions. Their chic 355-room hotel is located right on North Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago—just walking distance from some must-see historic sites like Grant Park and Millennium Park.

The fact this particular Hampton Inn is so conveniently located makes it an ideal place to explore everything downtown Chicago has to offer without having to travel great distances or spend time searching for proper accommodations elsewhere. Just a few steps away from Hampton Inn are such venerable attractions as Buckingham Fountain®, Soldiers Field® Stadium, Navy Pier®, Shedd Aquarium®, Adler Planetariumâ„—, The Art Institute of Chicago™ and Field Museum™ just moments away, making it so much easier for visitors to get out and explore! Plus there’s even access to “L” trains which can take visitors farther from the city center if they wish to investigate additional historical points of interest in other areas.

Hampton Inn also provide their own custom concierge services designed with `Dosomething travelers`® in mind who makes themselves readily knowledgeable when it comes to giving directions or offering advice on what places might offer more excitement. They help ensure that guests make the most out their visit; ensuring that no matter where explorers roam they’re returned back safe providing a piece of mind for travelers enjoy their visit fully!. Anywhere you go around Chicagos celebrated historical sights feel assured your journey will be enjoyable with Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue being there every step off your way!

At Hampton we understand how important exploring these historical sites can be as part of our rich culture . That’s why we make sure staying at our Chicagos Midtown location is one you’ll always remember with signature amenities ranging from complimentary hot breakfast buffet daily , free Wi-Fi™ & bathroom supplies 100% guarantee satisfaction upon arrival ! So book now today – The next great American adventure could start right here at Hampton InnChicago , Downtown Michigan Avenue !

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Stay at the Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue

There’s no better place to stay when visiting Chicago than the Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue. With its convenient location, amenities, and excellent customer service, this hotel is sure to make your trip memorable. To make sure you get the most out of your stay here are some tips on how to make the most of your time at the Hampton Inn:

1. Pay for Your Room in Advance

Booking your room in advance through official hotel websites will save you money and also guarantee that you won’t miss out on any saving opportunities or offers that may be running during your stay. It’s also important to note that paying in advance allows you to avoid any hidden fees or charges that can sometimes appear when paying for a hotel stay last-minute.

2. Make Use of Hotel Amenities

The Hampton Inn provides their customers with a wide range of amenities including complimentary WiFi access, fitness center, business center, and more. All these are available around-the-clock so it’s wise to take advantage of them while they’re there – especially if internet access or meeting space is essential for business needs.

3. Enjoy Local Attractions

Chicago has tons to offer visitors and residents alike and during a stay at the Hampton Inn there’s an opportunity take pleasure in all these attractions without having to break the bank by using insider tips such as discounts and coupons provided by select establishments around town that are exclusively available through The inn’s website or via their app. Exploring everything downtown has to offer can enhance a traveler’s experience – whether it’s seeking adventure from biking trails near Lake Michigan or catching live shows at Hyde Park Theatre District – there’s boundless room for exploring this city!

4. Take Advantage of Complimentary Services & Programs

The Hampton Inn staff go above and beyond with free services like free breakfast every morning, cleaning for long-term stays, weekly linen exchange (available upon request) as well as discounted prices for extended stays where guests receive 1 extra night free after 21 consecutive nights booked – perfect for those planning extended trips!

5 . Check Reviews Before Booking

Checking reviews before booking is one way travelers can ensure they get the best rates and prevent any potential issues ahead of time as previously experienced guests may have left information helpful in decision making process such as feedback on quality rooms service being offered at said sites.. Taking note what customers think about any particular site can be advantageous when deciding which establishment promises highest satisfaction levels according personal likes & preferences.. Finally requesting specific room types recommended by others can often lead better results during check-in ensuring harmonious accommodation during vacation trip experience overall!

Step by Step Guide for Exploring Chicagos Historic Sites

Chicago is one of America’s most historic cities, boasting some of the most iconic sights and sites in the world. It’s a great place to learn about America’s past, as well as its present culture. Whether you’re a lifelong Chicago resident or just visiting for a brief time, exploring these historical landmarks is sure to be an enjoyable experience. Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you explore Chicago’s rich history:

1. Start your journey at one of Chicago’s best-known attractions – The Art Institute of Chicago. One of the oldest and largest art museums in the country, this attraction offers visitors access to more than two million works from around the world. Spend time admiring classic masterpieces from JMW Turner, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne and many more.

2. Then head to The Shedd Aquarium, located next door to The Art Institute. This aquarium features breathtaking displays that recreate natural habitats from around the world – such as sharks that swim through coral reefs or sea turtles flitting by simulated vegetation – alongside frozen exhibits that celebrate marine life both local and international locations.

3. Make your way downtown on foot toward Grant Park where you can take in spectacular views while strolling among lush gardens nestled along Lake Michigan’s shoreline (weather permitting). The park boasts amazing monuments honoring Illinoisan presidents and veterans alike; there are also sculptures of Gustave Eiffel (who designed The |Art Institute) throughout Pritzker Pavillion here too! Amidst all this beauty lies several historical buildings including Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum plus 200+ acres dedicated towards recreational activities including biking paths and walking trails connected with Maggie Daley Park which has beautiful nature preserves waiting to be explored!

4. End your day with dinner and drinks at Navy Pier! This tourist destination offers over 50 restaurants and bars alongside fun attractions like 15-story Ferris Wheel plus an IMAX theater for entertainment options all ages will love! During peak season festivities may happen throughout the week with performances such as outdoor concerts playing live music spanning across various musical genres for those wanting energetic experiences into truly living out their vacation staycations 24/7/365 with gusto + pizazz!

FAQs About Exploring Chicagos Historic Sites with a Stay at the Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue

1. Where is the Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue located?

The Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue is conveniently located near the Magnificent Mile, just minutes away from some of Chicago’s most iconic historic sites. Our hotel is situated directly on historic Michigan Avenue, giving guests easy access to the sights and sounds of this vibrant city.

2. What types of accommodations are available at the Hampton Inn?

The Hampton Inn offers comfortable accommodations including 150 well-appointed guestrooms that feature spa-like bathrooms with Walk-in showers, complimentary Wi-Fi, and flat screen TVs for your convenience. Whether you’re traveling solo or with family, we have something for everyone!

3. What nearby attractions can I explore during my stay?

During your stay at the Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue you’ll be minutes away from some of the city’s most famed landmarks like Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park, Navy Pier and Shedd Aquarium as well as many other popular attractions! Guests also have access to fantastic shopping opportunities along The Magnificent Mile as well as a variety of dining options up and down historic Michigan Avenue.

4. Are there any special packages or discounts I can take advantage of when planning my stay?

Yes! We offer several great packages throughout the year where guests can save on their stay while experiencing all that Chicago has to offer. From romantic getaways to family excursions and business trips we have something for everyone who wants to explore this amazing city – our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect package for your next visit!

Top 5 Facts About Chicagos Historic Sites and their Locations

Chicago is known for its abundance of historic sites from the famous Wrigley Field to the birthplace of President Barack Obama. Here are five facts about some of Chicago’s most iconic sites, as well as their exact locations:

1. Wrigley Field – The second-oldest ballpark in all of Major League Baseball, Wrigley Field is located at 1060 West Addison Street in Chicago, Illinois. Iconic for its ivy-covered brick outfield walls, it has been the home field for the Chicago Cubs since 1916 and continues to be a staple of classic baseball culture today.

2. Sears Tower – Rising 1,451 feet off the ground, the iconic Sears Tower was the world’s tallest building when it opened on May 3rd 1974, breaking multiple records at once and providing an impressive skyline view that can be seen from miles away. Located at 233 S Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago, it stands as a recognized landmark and houses many businesses within its 101 stories.

3. Michigan Avenue Bridge – Arguably one of the most recognizable icons of Chicago’s architectural style, this bascule bridge crosses over 200 feet across the Chicago River at Michigan Avenue between various downtown areas including Grant Park and Millennium Park. Its unique truss structure combined with intricate Neo-Classical detail still captivates visitors today more than seventy years after it was first constructed in 1919.

4. Navy Pier – Extending 3100 ft out into Lake Michigan from Lakeshore Drive on its east end down near streeterville lies Navy Pier – an expansive recreational pier offering parks and attractions to millions of tourists each year since its opening in 1916 by Daniel Burnham’s design plan later developed by Charles Sumner Frost & Associates architects in 1917 (completed 1922). It gets its name from being used during WWI as a navy training center for locating submarines using acoustic devices mounted on boats – although there isn’t much evidence left showing what life was like during those days since 1924 renovations completely reshaped things afterwards!

5. Obama Presidential Center– Standing proudly amongst other landmarks having marked history throughout their lifetime stands none other than The Obama Presidential Center located within Jackson Park at 5500 South Stony Island Ave., Hyde Park neighborhood; This legacy serves more than just being a physical reminder but partakes evermoreso upon our creativity crossing boundaries between international cultures giving homage towards work done right next door or around even further reaching places around United States & globe through generosity mentorship & advocacy amplifying necessary voices needed so much these times while keeping memory upmost honoring 44th president Barack H Obama

Conclusion of Exploring Chicagos Historic Sites with a Stay at the Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue

The conclusion of exploring Chicago’s historic sites with a stay at the Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue is that it provides visitors with an amazing experience. Not only do guests enjoy all the perks of staying in a luxurious hotel, but they also get to explore and appreciate the true beauty of one of America’s largest and most exciting cities. Visitors can take advantage of tours and activities offered by the hotel such as walking tours and guided bike rides that allow them to discover new destinations along their way.Chicago is full of history, culture, cuisine, sights and events – all located around the Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Michigan Avenue. Whether tourists decide to spend time relaxing in their rooms after long days spent sightseeing or exploring every area near their accommodation, they will have access to all Chicagoland has to offer. The stay at this strategic downtown location compliments a journey through Rich’s great city – both allowing you to get lost among its numerous attractions while taking part in unique cultural experiences found nowhere else in North America or abroad.

This eclectic hub has so much potential for fun; people coming back time after time.Before leaving, make sure you’ve properly appreciated what makes each area special – from architecture old buildings being surrounded by modern galleries to some specialized elements found in certain districts like China town which bring flavor from many parts of the world! Visiting with a focus on discovering more about Chicago’s deep-rooted traditions during your stay at the Hampton Inn will leave an indelible impression on your spirit for sure!

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