Delicious Pizzas at Hungry Howies on Michigan Avenue

Delicious Pizzas at Hungry Howies on Michigan Avenue

Introduction to Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue:

Pizza is one of the most beloved meals in the country, and if you’re looking for a delicious slice around Michigan Avenue, Hungry Howies should be your top choice. Located conveniently in the center of town at 562 Michigan Avenue, Hungry Howies has been serving Detroiters incredible pizza since 1973.

The pizzeria’s signature dish is their flavoured crust. Their pizzas come with eight different crusts to choose from – garlic butter, cheese-filled, sesame seed and more! Each crust comes loaded with its own unique combination of spices and herbs that take your taste buds straight to Italy! No matter which type you get, everyone agrees it makes the perfect canvas for which Hungry Howie’s artisans can truly shine.

Speaking of toppings, there are plenty to choose from! Vegetarians will appreciate their options as Hungry Howies offers mushrooms, bell peppers, black olives and onions on their pies. Meat eaters won’t feel left out either as they offer pepperoni, Italian sausage and hamburger among other things. You’ll really enjoy eating an entire pie that’s just for you – customization isn’t just welcome but encouraged here! With an endless selection of meats + veggies to pick from you’ll never get bored with your pizza order.

Plus not only do they have amazing pizza but they also have lots of other great food such as wings, oven baked subs pure breadsticks plus desserts like cookie dough & brownies which make a perfect ending to any meal here.. If this all wasn’t enough already – there’s always tacos too – because Hungry Howie’s knows we all want variation in our lives sometimes (plus everyone enjoys a fun twist on old classics).

From start to finish no matter what concoction you decide on -Hungry Hayes can guarantee it will always taste absolute perfection; and who knows? Your favorite might even become a local legend no matter how far away found yourself eating it! We guarantee that after trying everything on this menu once you will already be planning your return visit… so come by soon 562 Michigan Avenue – nothing compares like hungry Howell’s Pizza when it comes down to freshness & flavor: both guaranteed every time

Understanding the Menu at Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue:

Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue is a popular local pizza joint known for its delicious pies and inventive menu items. Whether you’re looking for an old favorite or something new, Hungry Howies has something for everyone.

The Hungry Howies menu includes classic pizzas like pepperoni, combining both tangy tomatoes with flavorful cured meats. Or try something different and choose from their variety of specialty pizzas, such as the Mediterranean-style White Pizza topped with artichoke hearts and feta cheese or the traditional Buffalo Chicken Pizza. If pizza is not your thing, they offer subs made with freshly baked breads like French rolls to sub buns that can be filled with any combination of meats and vegetables.

In addition to their regular menu offerings, there are several unique sides that Blackstone customers can enjoy while waiting for their meal. Popular appetizers range from Italian Breadsticks topped with garlic butter to White Cheese Bread – a ring of French bread filled with melted mozzarella cheese and oregano – perfect for sharing! For those wanting more than just pizza, sandwiches such as the Garlic Parmesan Sub or Philly Cheesesteak are available to satisfy any hunger.

Hungry Howies also offers a wide selection of drinks including fountain sodas, flavored lemonades and frozen beverages in flavors like wild cherry and strawberry banana blend. There’s also beer on draft along with craft beers each season to complete your meal experience at this cozy joint in Downtown Detroit!

Exploring the Atmosphere of Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue:

When visiting Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue, you’re in for a unique experience. From the moment you step inside, you can feel the energy of the store. The walls are covered with pictures of smiling customers enjoying their favorite slice. The pizza counter is also lined with samples of delicious pizza slices, giving you a taste of what lies ahead in each bite. There’s plenty of seating in the small yet cozy dining area that accommodates around 20 people, and the atmosphere provides an enjoyable and hospitable environment for all to enjoy their meal.

The menu has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic cheese pizza or one with more toppings, there’s an option that will satisfy your craving. There are also specialty calzones available as well as steaming hot subs and sandwiches built to order with fresh ingredients that make them stand out among other restaurants in town.

Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue stands out among other locations throughout Michigan thanks to its friendly employees and welcoming atmosphere. Whether it’s your first time there or your hundredth time returning as a loyal customer, they strive to make each visits special by delivering exceptional customer service along with delicious food options made from quality ingredients at fantastic prices too! Add it all up and Hungry Howies Pizza is a must-visit destination when exploring what good eats the city has to offer!

Pros and Cons of Eating at Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue:

Everyone loves a good pizza, right? Eating at Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue can be quite the treat. With locations throughout metro Detroit and an extensive menu full of tantalizing options, this chain restaurant has something that everyone will enjoy. Before you saddle up to the table for dinner though, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of eating at Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue:


One of the strongest selling points for Hungry Howies Pizza is their signature flavored crusts. With flavors ranging from ranch to “Howie Special” to garlic butter herbs, these delicious crust toppings add another layer of flavor to your favorite pie. For those who want a little kick in their meal, Hungry Howies also offers three varieties of hot sauce that are sure to spice up any plate.

Also available are several specialty pizzas such as their Philly Cheesesteak Pizza and Greek Pizza which come with resident favorites like chicken teriyaki and white BBQ sauces. While all the pizza selections seem heavenly enough the dessert options may steal the show! Homemade cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies are offered that really round out any meal experience.


The downside to eating at Hungry Howies lies in organization and wait times associated with ordering certain items or larger orders altogether. Delivery is particularly slow as it often takes over an hour receive your food after placing an order which can be annoying when you’re in dire need of a late night snack fix! Also customers must remember that specialty items often incur extra fees, so knowing ahead of time what additional expenses may come with them can save time during checkout process in-store or online.

Overall, if you’re looking for a wide array of delicious menu items all served with friendly customer service then look no further than Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue!

Step-by-Step Review of the Ordering Process at Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue:

If you’re looking for the perfect way to satiate your hunger, look no further than Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue. Not only are their pizzas mouth-wateringly delicious, but their ordering process is fast and easy too! Let’s take a closer look at the ordering process step-by-step to see just how simple it is:

Step 1: Visit – The first step in ordering from Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue is to visit, where you can choose what type of pizza and toppings you want to order. You can also decide if you want your pizza delivered or if you’d rather pick it up yourself from their location on Michigan Avenue.

Step 2: Select Your Toppings – After selecting your basic pizza size and type, the next step is selecting what toppings you’d like your pizza to include. Whether you prefer extra cheese or pineapple chunks—or both—Hungry Howies has something for everyone! They even have gluten-free and vegan options so that all guests feel welcome here.

Step 3: Add Special Offerings – If you’d like some extras to go along with your pizza order, such as honey dips, soft drinks or salads, now’s the time to add them into your order before they finish entering all of the details needed for delivery/pickup. Their website clearly lists out each item along with its price so that there’s no surprise costs when placing an order here.

Step 4: Enter Your Information – Finally, once everything else has been selected for our order, it’s time to enter in contact information such as name, address (if applicable) phone number and payment information securely through a secure check out system provided by Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue. That’s it—the ordering process is complete!

As evidenced above, ordering from Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue couldn’t be easier! From start to finish it only takes a few minutes and then customers can sit back and wait for their delicious meal delivered right at their doorstep (or choose to pick up directly). So if you ever find yourself craving Naples-style pies then be sure to give Hungry Howies Pizza a try—it’ll definitely not disappoint!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hungry Howies Pizza on Michigan Avenue:

Q: What types of food does Hungry Howies offer?

A: Hungry Howies offers a wide array of pizza options. You can choose from classic favorites like Cheese, Pepperoni, and Supreme, or create your own masterpiece from our selection of over 30 toppings. If you are looking for something different, you can browse our menu to find delicious chicken wings, subs and salads too! No matter what your craving is, we’ve got something to satisfy all tastes at Hungry Howies on Michigan Avenue.

Q: What size pizzas are available?

A: At Hungry Howies on Michigan Avenue we have three sizes available – small (eight slices), medium (10 slices), and large (12 slices). Plus if extra space is needed, some of our pizzas also come with an additional thin crust option. And don’t forget that ordering even bigger by getting one of our XL party size pizzas will really go the distance in feeding a big group.

Q: Does Hungry Howies offer any specials?

A: Yes! We have daily deals as well as special offers depending on the day and time. Pizza lovers rejoice — we offer discounted combo meals perfect for lunch or dinner for groups or individuals on Days A & B.* Check out the weekly specials page for more details about these amazing savings opportunities! *Days A & B vary depending on location. Please contact your local Hungry Howies restaurant to learn more.

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