A Magical Winter Wonderland on Michigan Avenue: Experiencing the Christmas Lights

A Magical Winter Wonderland on Michigan Avenue: Experiencing the Christmas Lights

Introduction to exploring the Magic of Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights

Michigan Avenue, with its iconic storefronts, upscale restaurants and breathtaking views of the cityscape is already a popular destination. But in December of each year the glitter is kicked up a notch or two as festive Christmas lights adorn streetlamps, storefront windows appear to hold illuminated ornaments instead of merchandise, and tall pine trees line the sidewalks. It’s no wonder then that visitors flock to experience The Magic of Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights. Here you’ll find a few tips on how to make the most out of your visit.

First things first — just take it all in! Even if you’ve visited before, there’s something special about seeing this iconic avenue transformed into a winter wonderland over night – which means you won’t want to miss out! As soon as you arrive, be sure to snap some photos so you can conveniently share your adventures with loved ones miles away.

The next must-do activity for experiencing The Magic of Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights is taking a stroll (or scavenger hunt!) along this famous street. Not only will you be surrounded by cheerful colors and insta-worthy scenes but also be on the lookout for hidden gems like light shows and attractions that aren’t around the rest of the year. Websters dictionary offers up an extra tip: Bundle up! And they’re not wrong, either — even in cities where it doesn’t get particularly cold, temperatures can still drop during the evenings so dress warmly. You needn’t sacrifice style: Choose wool sweaters for maximum warmth merged with trendy chic that’s sure to earn likes on social media!

When people think about holiday traditions one thing comes to mind – food. Thankfully Michigan Avenue has countless restaurants showcasing comfort foods from all over the world creating delicious multicourse meals perfect for sharing (or diving in head first!). Toast your seasonal spirit at family-style spots like Park Grill, Kamehachi Sushi or Joe’s Bar while enjoying some cozy conversation over dinner and drinks — or just order delivery right up to your hotel room!

Ending your Michigan Avenue experience means sipping hot cocoa by calming lakefront waters – and when it comes time saying goodbye gifts are always welcome memories! Whether searching through stores such as FAO Schwarz Toy Store or Water Tower Place Mall looking presents provides an extra dose of festivity when gifting others with handmade chocolates or unique trinkets made locally while out shopping — making perfect souvenirs from treasured moments exploring The Magic of Michigain Avenue Christmas Lights!

History of Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights

The Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights are a beloved holiday tradition in Chicago, which began over 70 years ago. Every year, thousands of people come to the Magnificent Mile to experience the glittering light displays and holiday cheer.

The roots of the Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights can be traced back to 1949 when then-mayor Martin Kennelly ordered that thousands of lights be strung along the plaza between Randolph Street and Oak Street. At this same time, Marshall Field & Company (now Macy’s) also decorated their building façade with twinkling lights as part of an effort to extend holiday spirit up and down the street.

Throughout the 1950s more buildings joined into the decorations adding even more sparkle to downtown Chicago during this joyous season. In 1970, new regulations mandated that all new displays must meet certain safety codes set out by city legislation enforcing best practices in electrical safety throughout the city. Fast forward a few decades and today it is illegal for anyone but professional electricians or contractors to hang or repair lighting displays on ANY property within Chicago limits – further ensuring safe entertainment for both viewers and workers/employees alike!

Today you can still experience a range of different light displays on Michigan Avenue, from traditional colored bulbs outlining many building facades, to more modern LED designs creating 3D figures and animals walking across skyscrapers – reminding us once again why this tradition has been going strong now for over seventy years!

Step by Step Guide to Experiencing the Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights

1. Visiting the Christmas lights on Michigan Avenue is a festive and enjoyable tradition that has been around for years, but if you’re a newbie to this light extravaganza, it can seem intimidating. No worries – here’s a step-by-step guide detailing how to best experience Christmas on the Mag Mile!

2. The very first thing you should do is figure out when you want to see the lights since they usually stay up until early January of each year. Once you have determined your desired date of visitation, start organizing accordingly. Since they stay lit up from dusk until 10 p.m., aim to be there around sunset (which varies depending on the time of year), so that you can spend some quality time taking in all of the sparkle without missing any details!

3. Before heading to Michigan Avenue for your Christmas light adventure, it’s important to consider what kind of transportation you will use – walking is highly recommended! Not only does this help keep your carbon footprint low, but since the lights stretch through many different streets on both sides of Michigan Avenue, walking gives you plenty of opportunity to catch every single one! Tip: Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring warm clothing – just in case it gets chilly outside while enjoying all those twinkling bulbs!

4. Now it’s finally time for your glorious stroll down Michigan Avenue – yay!! On your walk towards classic Chicago street food locations like Garrett Popcorn or concession stands at Shake Shack or McDonald’s, take pictures in front of colorful LED displays where you can create memories with friends and loved ones – plus they make great keepsakes too! Don’t forget to grab souvenirs from local stores like Niketown as well – we mustn’t forget about goodie bags for everyone else back home 😉

5. As a final step before finishing off your evening, kick back under some twinkle town illumination whilst observing public art pieces such as Graceland Gate crafted by Ai Weiwei and Graffiti Jesus by NOHJCOOPER which are situated throughout the area at various holiday events . The perfect way to wrap up on an uplifting note !

That concluded our comprehensive guide about visiting Michigan Avenue during Christmas season !! We hope this article helped clear any confusion over exactly how one should go about experiencing some festive holiday cheer out there , keeping safe , staying entertained and leaving with lotsa photos and goodies in hand ????

FAQs About Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights

Q: What time do the lights come on?

A: The lights along Michigan Avenue begin to turn on each night at 5:00pm. As sunset approaches, more and more of the lights are illuminated allowing for a spectacular show throughout the night.

Q: Where is the best place to see the Christmas lights?

A: There is no “best” place, but many people opt to view them from Magnificent Mile, which runs within close proximity of Michigan Avenue. Feel free to take a leisurely stroll, grab a coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy one of Winter’s most beautiful events in Chicago!

Q: Are there other displays in addition to the lights?

A: Yes! In addition to thousands of twinkling LED lights draped across buildings and trees along Michigan Avenue, you will find enchanting window displays created by some of Chicago’s top shops. Moreover, look forward to memorable performances provided by local choirs, churches and schools during Winter Carnivals.

Q: When do they turn off the Christmas lights?

A: The outdoor festive display of Christmas Lights continue until January 10th each year. On this day all decorations are taken down with extreme care and stored for next season’s use.

Top 5 Facts about the Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights

The Michigan Avenue Christmas lights are an iconic part of the Chicago skyline during the winter months. Every year, from mid-November through early January, more than a million twinkling holiday-themed lights line more than eight miles of streets along this major roadway. Here are five interesting facts worth knowing about the Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights:

1. The tradition began in 1912, when Marshall Field & Company decided to decorate their State Street store with colorful electric lights instead of traditional gaslights during the holidays. Over time, this grown into what is now one of the largest holiday light displays in North America.

2. This popular attraction draws thousands of visitors to downtown Chicago each year and provides the perfect backdrop for selfies and family photos! Indeed, local residents use the hashtag #ChiLights to share their own photos of the spectacular show – many of which have gone viral on social media around Christmas time.

3. As a symbol for peace and harmony, white bulbs has traditionally been used for every 25th light bulb along Michigan Avenue in order to light it up all night long and give people something special that they can be proud of throughout December month.

4. Not only does the display feature over 1 million lights , but also 60 custom designed wreaths lining both sides of Michigan Avenue from Oak Street South until Wacker Drive each wearing festive decorations including red bows, berries and pine cones !

5. On top that that, handmade ornaments decorated with foiled covered stars adorn nearly 50 live trees placed between gates five and 11 on either side adds a unique touch to this glorious event during its four-week run!

Conclusion on Exploring the Magic of Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights

Michigan Avenue, also known as the Magnificent Mile, is a cultural icon for Chicago and one of the best places to enjoy Christmas lights in the entire city. The lights cover almost every window on Michigan Avenue, adding a layer of joy and cheer to the holiday season. Each year, the decorations become more ornate and impressive, so it’s no surprise that hundreds of thousands of people from around the country flock to see them each year.

The combination of modern technology and historic architecture makes this a truly magical experience. The lights come in various colors and shapes which create an environment of warmth and festivity. From snow-covered reindeer to twinkling stars on skyscrapers, there are endless ways to explore Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights. Not only does it provide a visually pleasing experience; it also brings about feelings of contentment and nostalgia for many people.

In short, exploring Michigan Avenue Christmas Lights is like taking time machine back in time; you will find yourself immersed in enchanting sights that sparkle with festive cheer! It’s no wonder that these Christmas lights attract so many visitors—they capture some kind of special magic that will always remain timeless. Whether you’re looking for something new or familiar during your holiday season adventures, be sure to check out this dreamy holiday destination!

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